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  • Interview
    Interview Movie (2007)

    Drama about a toughened war correspondent and a self-obsessed soap star who confess their secrets to each other after consuming too much alcohol. Directed by and starring Steve Buscemi

  • Interview
    Interview Movie (2003)

    A journalist and a soap star try to outwit each other during the course of an interview.

  • The Interview
    The Interview Movie (1998)

    Australian police detectives grill an unemployed man suspected of serious crimes.

  • Jenipapo
    Jenipapo Movie (1995)

    An American reporter in Brazil wheels and deals to land an interview with a priest protesting a land-reclamation bill.

  • The Office
    The Office Episode: Interview (2002)

    David le da a una revista su filosofĂ­a como gerente.

  • The Larry Sanders Show
    The Larry Sanders Show Episode: The Interview (1998)

    When Mary Lou refuses to own up to an accident, Hank jumps to his own conclusions - and decides that Vince Vaughn dented his Bentley. With guests David Spade, Jim Belushi and the Ben Folds Five

  • M*A*S*H
    M*A*S*H Episode: The Interview (1976)

    An American TV crew arrives to interview personnel of the 4077th. Korean War comedy, starring Alan Alda and Larry Linville

  • The Office
    The Office Episode: Interview (2002)

    There are more changes in the pipeline at Wernham Hogg and David Brent shares his management philosophy with a trade magazine. Last in the series

  • Earth: Final Conflict
    Earth: Final Conflict Episode: Interview (2000)

    An interview goes awry when a reporter airs secret Taelon tapes and embarks on a deadly quest : can Liam stop the unscrupulous journalist?

  • The Middle
    The Middle Episode: The Interview (2010)

    Mike tries to find a new job when the quarry is shut down for scientific research, and Frankie helps Brick in his efforts to be elected as the school historian

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