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  • The Heat
    The Heat Movie (2013)

    An FBI agent and ruthless cop are forced to team up in order to take down a ruthless criminal drug lord. Action comedy starring Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy and Demián Bichir.

  • Heath Ledger
    Heath Ledger Actor

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  • Heat
    Heat Movie (1987)

    Burt Reynolds stars as a rugged freelance bodyguard who agrees to teach a timid millionaire the art of self-defence : with tragic consequences. Dubious action thriller, which marks the lull in Reynolds' career that would continue until his return to form 10 years later with Boogie Nights. With Peter MacNicol and Karen Young.

  • The Heat
    The Heat TV Show (2006 - 2009)

    Catering to the rich and famous.

  • Heat
    Heat Movie (1995)

    A detective becomes obsessed with capturing a highly intelligent career criminal who is planning one last robbery before his retirement. Thriller, with Al Pacino and Robert De Niro

  • Heat
    Heat Movie (1972)

    Paul Morrissey drama chronicling the life of a former child star as he tries to win another shot at fame and persuade his landlady to reduce his rent. Joe Dallesandro stars

  • Smallville
    Smallville Episode: Heat (2002)

    Lex gets hitched to schoolteacher Desiree Atkins, a stranger to Smallville who only plans to stay married long enough to Luthor to bump him off and inherit his fortune

  • Smallville
    Smallville Episode: Heat (2002)

    Una sensual maestra (Krista Allen) nueva utiliza el poder de las feromonas para convencer a Lex que se case con ella; Clark pierde el control ante un alarmante nuevo poder.

  • Dark Angel
    Dark Angel Episode: Heat (2000)

    Logan's information helps Max find a Manticore fugitive she hasn't seen since the night of the escape - but the ruthless Lydecker is hot on her heels. Sci-fi adventure, starring Jessica Alba

  • In the Heat of the Night
    In the Heat of the Night TV Show (1988 - 1995)

    Police drama based on the Oscar-winning film, starring Carroll O'Connor and Howard E Rollins Jnr

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