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  • Malcolm in the Middle
    Malcolm in the Middle Episode: Forwards Backwards (2002)

    Malcolm is grounded on his birthday once again when his vengeful battle with Reese gets out of hand. Hal sets out to buy a comic for his son, but has an unfortunate run-in with two unhelpful shop assistants

  • Are You Being Served?
    Are You Being Served? Episode: Forward Mr Grainger (1976)

    Mr Grainger is given a temporary promotion and promptly fires Mrs Slocombe : a decision he soon comes to regret. Department store comedy, starring Mollie Sugden and Arthur Brough

  • Best Foot Forward
    Best Foot Forward Movie (1943)

    A Hollywood star agrees, as a publicity gimmick, to be queen of a military-school prom.

  • Forward 13: Waking Up the American Dream
    Forward 13: Waking Up the American Dream Movie (2012)

    Filmmaker Patrick Lovell embarks on a cross-country journey to find out what happened to America.

  • Friends
    Friends Episode: The One with the Creepy Holiday Card (2001)

    Chandler's newly divorced boss takes him to a strip club, convinced he and Monica are having problems. Ross gives Mona the key to his apartment and Rachel propositions Joey

  • Forward in Faith
    Forward in Faith TV Show (2013)

    Spotlighting highlights from the Forward in Faith partner celebrations.

  • Will & Grace
    Will & Grace Episode: Fagmalion: Part One - Gay It Forward (2003)

    Part one of four. Karen fixes Will up with a 'hot and handsome' blind date, while Grace worries her masseuse Julie may have more than a passing interest in her

  • Mia Farrow
    Mia Farrow Actor, Director, Narrator

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  • Army Wives
    Army Wives Episode: Forward March (2010)

    Emmalin prepares to graduate from high school; Claudia Joy receives potentially devastating news; Pamela gets a call that leads her to question her future; Joan must make an important decision; Denise goes into labor.

  • Totally Spies
    Totally Spies Episode: Forward To The Past

    Forward To The Past - When the spies can't find the WOOHP building, they discover that a villain has traveled back in time to persuade a young Jerry to team up with him to start an evil WOOHP

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