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  • Dream Team
    Dream Team TV Show (2000 - 2010)

    Drama with the fleet-footed stars of fictional football club Harchester United as they hone their skills on and off the pitch

  • The Dream Team
    The Dream Team Movie (1989)

    Sentimental comedy about four mismatched mental patients let loose in New York after becoming separated from their psychiatrist. Michael Keaton and Christopher Lloyd star

  • Entourage
    Entourage Episode: The Dream Team (2007)

    The Medellin trailer is leaked on the internet. Ari is inundated with offers for Vince, and Drama tries to wangle his way into an exclusive facility that provides medical marijuana

  • The US Office
    The US Office Episode: Dream Team (2009)

    Michael tries to recruit a dream team to work for his new paper company, and Jim soon regrets lying to Charles about his ability to play football. Starring Steve Carell

  • The US Office
    The US Office Episode: Dream Team (2009)

    Jim se enfrenta a Charles durante un partido de fútbol en el estacionamiento de Dunder Mifflin; Michael siente miedo para enfrentar su trabajo diario.

  • JAG
    JAG Episode: Dream Team (2005)

    Mac defends an apprentice sailor who released two dolphins belonging to the Navy from their pens. Meanwhile, Cresswell assigns Harm to help Vukovic in a manslaughter case

  • Murder, She Wrote
    Murder, She Wrote Episode: The Dream Team (1995)

    The Cabot Cove residents fall victim to a callous development scheme - all except Jessica, who resolves to get to the bottom of the mystery. Starring Angela Lansbury

  • Dream Team
    Dream Team Episode: The Call-Up (2003)

    The Boyles' magnificent dreams of owning the club are jeopardised by Steve's possible testimony, so they track him down to ensure he keeps quiet

  • Dream Team
    Dream Team Episode: And Nothing But the Truth (2003)

    It's time for the court case to decide the rightful owner of Harchester United. Dean's gone missing, Karen's struggling with her false testimony and Clyde makes a huge decision.

  • Dream Team
    Dream Team Episode: Groundhog Day (2003)

    Matt is devastated when Alison breaks up with him and Phil decides he no longer wants to run the club, so he raffles it off to the supporters

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