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  • Time Team
    Time Team Episode: Kinlochbervie: Diving for the Armada (2002)

    Tony Robinson and the team embark on an underwater dig just off the west coast of Scotland, where a cannon and fragments of 16th-century pottery have been discovered on the seabed

  • Diving In
    Diving In Movie (1990)

    A teenage diver falls for his after-hours coach as he rivals a hotshot for the Olympic team.

  • Kyle XY
    Kyle XY Episode: Diving In (2006)

    The teenager realises he has feelings for Amanda after dreaming about her, and undergoes questioning by Detective Breen over his sketch of a strange symbol

  • New Tricks
    New Tricks Episode: Ducking and Diving (2007)

    A security van is discovered at the bottom of a lake, and the team makes a link to a disappearance 17 years previously and an unsolved murder, prompting the team to reopen the case

  • The Venture Brothers
    The Venture Brothers Episode: The Diving Bell vs. the Butter Glider (2010)

    Dr. Venture is semi-paralyzed in a trauma-induced coma; Sgt. Hatred and the boys use the medical minds of Conjectural Technologies.

  • Ax Men
    Ax Men Episode: Diving for Dollars (2010)

    Following an ill-fated road trip, Jimmy and James work in the dangerous black water of the American South, but realise they are out of their depth

  • Nina and the Neurons: Go Engineering
    Nina and the Neurons: Go Engineering Episode: Diving

    Nina investigates how divers breathe underwater - with the help of Felix, her touch neuron

  • Shaun the Sheep Championsheeps
    Shaun the Sheep Championsheeps Episode: Diving

    Fun and excitement in Shaun's version of school sports day, including games for viewers to play along with

  • Nova
    Nova Episode: Diving for Pirate Gold (1993)

    Modern pirates use metal detectors, sonar and other high-tech equipment unavailable to the high-seas robbers of yore.

  • Nina and the Neurons: Get Sporty
    Nina and the Neurons: Get Sporty Episode: Diving

    Nina learns how high divers make such a small splash when they hit the water with the help of Belle, her hearing neuron

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