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  • Hi there 'organ13', these shows are not scheduled to air on freeview in the next two weeks, only Sky. As you have added the shows to your 'My Picks' we can remind you if/when they do come in to schedule for your TV provider via the 'My Schedule feature.
    3 weeks ago about The Walking Dead, the TV show
  • Hi there 'Natasha7' unfortnately they cancelled this show in October. Tasha - LocateTV
    3 weeks ago about Unforgettable, the TV show
  • Hi there 'koyiabimbola89', please be aware that LocateTV is simply a TV listings website and that we have no contact with the show. However, this link may be of some use to you. http://www.kcm.org/ Tasha - LocateTV
    3 weeks ago about Kenneth Copeland, the TV show
  • Hi there 'lovetojunk44', the series will return this year. Be sure to add the show to your 'My Picks' in order to be reminded of its return. Tasha - LocateTV
    3 weeks ago about SciFi on Demand, the TV show
  • Hi there 'Natasha7', according to Wikipedia an article was recently published suggesting they are already working on a 6th season. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spiral_%28TV_series%29#Series_6_.282015.29 Tasha - LocateTV
    3 weeks ago about Spiral, the TV show

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