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  • Hi 18dajahtyrae - LocateTV is simply a TV listings site and not affiliated with any TV show. Sorry, we can't help you. ^Ayla
    5 days ago about Your Health With Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker, the TV show
  • The series you are talking about is the US remake of this one: http://www.locatetv.com/tv/bridge/8165383
    5 days ago about The Bridge, the TV show
  • Hiya, It's because Miley has been in one of the episodes - we receive images from a separate vendor and they happened to send us that one. ^Ayla
    6 days ago about Unplugged, the TV show
  • Hi farmcr - make sure you add the movie to your picks, then when it next airs on TV we'll let you know.
    1 week ago about King Creole, the movie
  • Hi there. Wiki states s2 will air in November. Make sure the item is added to your picks, then we'll email you when it's due to air :)
    1 week ago about The Curse of Oak Island, the TV show

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