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WKBD (CW) TV Schedule

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Sunday, February 7 2016
  • Time Show
    • 7:00am
    • http://p.static-locatetv.com/tv/calling-dr-pol/9653782/mid/placeholder.png
      Calling Dr. PolSpare Change

      Pol Veterinary Services handles a cow that has eaten something metal, a Great Dane that keeps eating change and a Persian that won't eat.

    • 7:30am
    • http://p.static-locatetv.com/tv/calling-dr-pol/9653783/mid/placeholder.png
      Calling Dr. PolThe Running Man

      Wanting to get in shape, Charles registers for a 5K run and takes a Zumba class with his mom; pregnancy checks at Stough Farm; a convulsing pig emergency.

    • 8:00am
    • http://p.static-locatetv.com/tv/dog-town-usa/9653884/mid/placeholder.png
      Dog Town, USACan You Dig It?

      A Lab learns to overcome its compulsive digging; a Norwegian elkhound with a mysterious skin condition.

    • 10:30am
    • http://p.static-locatetv.com/tv/save-our-shelter/9653916/mid/placeholder.png
      Save Our ShelterCrossroads Campus

      Crossroads Campus in Tennessee specializes in training homeless pets and finding them homes; Rob works on renovating the shelter's cat room.

    • 11:30am
    • http://p.static-locatetv.com/tv/hatched/9653917/mid/placeholder.png

      A mom -- with the help of her sister -- seeks financial backing for her edible cookie dough.

    • 1:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/88/206679_the_game_plan__11_x_17_movie_poster__style_a.jpg
      The Game Plan

      Dwayne Johnson stars as Joe Kingman, an American football superstar whose carefree existence is shattered when a precocious eight-year-old girl appears on his doorstep, claiming to be his daughter. As Joe attempts to juggle his sporting commitments with the challenges of fatherhood, the perpetual bachelor gradually finds his priorities changing. Charming family comedy, with Madison Pettis, Kyra Sedgwick and Morris Chestnut.

    • 3:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/45/10222_anchorman.jpg
      Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

      Seventies-set comedy, starring Will Ferrell as Ron, the chauvinistic host of a top-rated American news programme. However, his status as master of all he surveys is threatened with the arrival of an ambitious female reporter. She wants to do more than 'fluff' pieces and fashion, she wants a job behind the news desk, where Ron sits. And so begins a bitter battle of the sexes.. Co-stars Christina Applegate, Fred Willard and Steve Carell.

    • 6:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/893053_mike__molly.jpg
      Mike & MollySeason 5 Episode 17: Mudlick or Bust

      During a road trip to Peggy's hometown, Molly arranges a surprise reunion between Peggy and her estranged sister (Margo Martindale); Mike and Vince bond as they try to repair a water heater.

    • 7:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/1476489_the_big_bang_theory.jpg
      The Big Bang TheorySeason 5 Episode 20: Top 5 Penny: The Transporter Malfunction

      Penny buys Leonard and Sheldon some Star Trek action figures, but the duo refuse to remove them from the packaging in case their value is diminished. Elsewhere, Raj is desperate to find someone to accompany him to a wedding and asks his parents to find him a date. Featuring the guest voice of Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek)

    • 7:30pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/1120868_2_broke_girls.jpg
      2 Broke GirlsSeason 2 Episode 9: And the New Boss

      As the grand opening of their new cupcake shop approaches, the duo decide to reduce their workload by hiring a trainee. However, while Caroline adopts a strict approach to keep the new recruit in line, Max struggles to adjust to her new role as a manager, and ends up being far too lenient with her new employee. Comedy, starring Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs

    • 8:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/87/180189_sleepless_in_seattle.jpg
      Sleepless in Seattle

      A widowed father is coping badly with his wife's death, but his son is convinced that what he really needs is some new romance in his life. He arranges for his dad to go on a radio phone-in show, and his touching story moves a reporter to respond, despite the fact that she is already engaged. Although she returns to her fiance, the boy is certain she is the woman for his father and plots to bring them together. Romantic comedy, with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan

    • 10:30pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/1120868_2_broke_girls.jpg
      2 Broke GirlsSeason 2 Episode 10: And the Big Opening

      The duo throw a grand opening party for their new cupcake shop, and while Caroline does all the social networking with the influential people in the community, Max seems more interested in impressing her ex-boyfriends, especially when Johnny shows up and she learns he is not yet married

    • 11:30pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/1093419_modern_family.jpg
      Modern FamilySeason 1 Episode 16: Fears

      Phil and Luke spend quality father-son time together searching for hidden treasures beneath the house, Mitch and Cam cause embarrassment by inviting Lily's paediatrician to lunch, and Hayley takes her driving test

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