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Wednesday, April 16 2014
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    • 7 mins ago
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/886987_the_king_of_queens.jpg
      The King of QueensSeason 4 Episode 9: Veiled Threat

      A slice of wedding cake triggers off memories of Carrie's uneasiness prior to her big day and a desperate search for reassurance from God about her marriage to Doug. Comedy, starring Kevin James and Leah Remini

    • in 23 mins
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/886987_the_king_of_queens.jpg
      The King of QueensSeason 2 Episode 22: Soft Touch

      Doug is duped by his neighbour into buying a water filtration device. He is drawn deeper into trouble when he signs up to be a licensed seller and needs to find 10 more salesmen to follow in his footsteps to recoup his investment. Comedy, starring Kevin James

    • 1:35am
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/888556_30_rock.jpg
      30 RockSeason 5 Episode 5: Reaganing

      Jack is blessed with success when he manages to create his own word, pitch a television show and inject some passion into his relationship with Avery. Convinced he is on a roll, he decides to help Liz get to New Jersey so she can see Carol. Meanwhile, Jenna gets Kenneth involved in a scheme to swindle a cake shop. With Kelsey Grammer (Frasier)

    • 2:05am
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/888556_30_rock.jpg
      30 RockSeason 3 Episode 6: Christmas Special

      Sitcom following a New York-based comedy sketch writer. Liz Lemon is living her dream as head writer on a demanding TV variety programme, until her world is turned upside down with the appointment of a new network executive. Starring Tina Fey, Jane Krakowski and Alec Baldwin

    • 5:00am
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/894029_til_death.jpg
      'Til DeathSeason 1 Episode 6: The Garage Band

      Eddie lies to Joy about his whereabouts when he is practising with his band - but he has underestimated his wife's guile and intuition. Sitcom, with Brad Garrett and Joely Fisher

    • 7:30am
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/886931_roseanne.jpg
      RoseanneSeason 4 Episode 3: Why Jackie Becomes a Trucker

      Jackie wakes up to the horrifying realisation that she has slept with Arnie, Dan invites Leon home for the weekly poker game, and DJ trades his comics for a dog. Family comedy, starring Laurie Metcalf and John Goodman

    • 10:00am
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/888809_the_steve_wilkos_show.jpg
      The Steve Wilkos ShowI Didn't Cheat: She Raped Me

      Devastated that her boyfriend cheated on her months ago, Keita fears that he is still being unfaithful; Porshe's musician boyfriend says all of the calls and texts he gets from other women are work-related.

    • 2:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/887943_jerry_springer.jpg
      The Jerry Springer ShowLesbian Rebound

      Ridiculed by her girlfriend, pregnant Kesha finds support and nurturing with another woman; Billy reveals to a friend that her boyfriend is cheating; infidelity may end two relationships.

    • 4:00pm
    • http://p.static-locatetv.com/tv/maury-povich/8582284/mid/placeholder.png
      Maury PovichPregnant at 16 ... Today I'll Prove You're the Dad!

      Latamara says Dorkish got her pregnant on purpose so she would never leave him and pursue college; Chris demands a DNA test when his son's mother confesses to sleeping with another man; Steve says Tommisha's child is too light-skinned to be his.

    • 5:30pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/894549_family_guy.jpg
      Family GuySeason 2 Episode 14: Let's Go to the Hop

      A new drug craze hits town, prompting Peter to assume the guise of new student Lando Griffin to eradicate the problem at Meg's school, where he extols the virtues of clean living with a song-and-dance routine inspired by 'Grease'. Animated adventure, with the voices of Seth MacFarlane and Mila Kunis

    • 6:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/902016_modern_family.jpg
      Modern FamilySeason 3 Episode 10: Express Christmas

      While gathered around Jay and Gloria's pool on a sunny December day, it dawns on the clan members that they are not going to be together over the festive period, so they bring the holiday forward by organising an 'express Christmas'. Starring Ed O'Neill and Julie Bowen

    • 6:30pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/902016_modern_family.jpg
      Modern FamilySeason 1 Episode 19: Game Changer

      Claire struggles to get hold of the year's must-have gadget for Phil's birthday. Cam gets involved in a neighbour's marital problems, while Mitchell decides it is time to toughen up. Comedy, starring Julie Bowen, Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson

    • 7:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/3/361374_the_big_bang_theory__season4.jpg
      The Big Bang TheorySeason 5 Episode 13: The Recombination Hypothesis

      Leonard asks Penny out on a date, and they agree to give their relationship another chance. They soon begin to remember why it did not work out in the first place, but end up sleeping together anyway. The 100th episode of the comedy, starring Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco

    • 7:30pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/3/361374_the_big_bang_theory__season4.jpg
      The Big Bang TheorySeason 3 Episode 21: The Plimpton Stimulation

      Sheldon invites a famous physicist to the flat after befriending her online, but is put out to find Leonard showing an interest in her. Meanwhile, Penny has to confront her boyfriend when the visitor turns up in his bedroom. Guest starring Judy Greer (Glenn Martin, DDS)

    • 8:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/934589_arrow.jpg
      ArrowSeason 2 Episode 19: The Man Under the Hood

      Slade continues his vendetta against Oliver, breaking into the lair and sending one member of Team Arrow to the hospital - and then things get really personal when he turns his attention to Thea. Backed into a corner, the bow-wielding hero is forced to choose between the fight for the greater good and protecting his loved ones. Laurel, on the other hand, grapples with a new secret

    • 10:35pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/3/947923_how_i_met_your_mother__season9.jpg
      How I Met Your MotherSeason 1 Episode 1: Pilot

      New Yorker Ted Mosby begins to fear he will never find love after discovering his best friend Marshall has proposed to long-term girlfriend Lily, and decides to embark on a quest to find a woman he can share his life with. He thinks he may have discovered her when he strikes up a rapport with TV reporter Robin Scherbatsky in a bar - but his over-enthusiasm proves to be a serious stumbling block. First-ever episode of the sitcom, starring Josh Radnor, Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Neil Patrick Harris and Cobie Smulders

    • 11:05pm
    • http://p.static-locatetv.com/tv/arsenio-hall-show/8553062/mid/placeholder.png
      The Arsenio Hall ShowEPISODE: 124

      Wayne Brady, Aisha Tyler, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles ('Whose Line Is It Anyway?'); UFC fighters Chris Weidman and Lyoto Machida; Hot Chelle Ray performs.

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