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WAGTDT2 (CW) TV Schedule

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Saturday, February 6 2016
  • Time Show
    • 6:00am
    • http://p.static-locatetv.com/tv/back-pain-solved/8441396/mid/placeholder.png
      Back Pain Solved!

      The Teeter Hang Ups allows you to achieve a relaxing stretch that decompresses your back and joints in just minutes a day!

    • 7:00am
    • http://p.static-locatetv.com/tv/calling-dr-pol/9653782/mid/placeholder.png
      Calling Dr. PolSpare Change

      Pol Veterinary Services handles a cow that has eaten something metal, a Great Dane that keeps eating change and a Persian that won't eat.

    • 7:30am
    • http://p.static-locatetv.com/tv/calling-dr-pol/9653783/mid/placeholder.png
      Calling Dr. PolThe Running Man

      Wanting to get in shape, Charles registers for a 5K run and takes a Zumba class with his mom; pregnancy checks at Stough Farm; a convulsing pig emergency.

    • 8:00am
    • http://p.static-locatetv.com/tv/dog-town-usa/9653884/mid/placeholder.png
      Dog Town, USACan You Dig It?

      A Lab learns to overcome its compulsive digging; a Norwegian elkhound with a mysterious skin condition.

    • 10:30am
    • http://p.static-locatetv.com/tv/save-our-shelter/9653916/mid/placeholder.png
      Save Our ShelterCrossroads Campus

      Crossroads Campus in Tennessee specializes in training homeless pets and finding them homes; Rob works on renovating the shelter's cat room.

    • 11:30am
    • http://p.static-locatetv.com/tv/hatched/9653917/mid/placeholder.png

      A mom -- with the help of her sister -- seeks financial backing for her edible cookie dough.

    • 1:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/902075_raising_hope.jpg
      Raising HopeSeason 2 Episode 5: Killer Hope

      The Chances fear Hope may have inherited her mother's violent tendencies after discovering she hit a boy at the nursery centre. They decide to stop arguing around her, hoping this will improve her behaviour - but struggle to maintain their vow when a termite infestation forces them to spend an evening camped on the front lawn

    • 1:30pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/902075_raising_hope.jpg
      Raising HopeSeason 2 Episode 6: Jimmy and the Kid

      Barney's 13-year-old son begins working at the store and immediately strikes up a friendship with Sabrina. A jealous Jimmy is horrified to witness the pair growing close and soon falls victim to the teenager's blackmail scheme. Meanwhile, Maw Maw swallows her gold tooth, leaving Burt and Virginia to decide whether to try to retrieve it

    • 2:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/88/219844_no_small_affair__1_sheet_movie_poster__style_a.jpg
      No Small Affair

      A teenage boy falls in love with a stunning older woman when he accidentally takes her photograph. After following her to her job as a bar-room singer, he goes to extraordinary lengths to woo her : but will she take him seriously? Comedy, starring Demi Moore, Jon Cryer, George Wendt, Peter Frechette and Elizabeth Daily

    • 4:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/88/220975_at_first_sight__11_x_17_movie_poster__style_a.jpg
      At First Sight

      Architect Mira Sorvino embarks on a whirlwind romance with blind masseur Val Kilmer, and persuades him to undergo an operation to regain his sight. However, her good deed backfires as the pressures of coping with his new world threaten to tear apart their fledgling relationship. Overly melodramatic yarn, also starring Kelly McGillis and Steven Weber. Look out for an appearance by jazz singer Diana Krall

    • 6:30pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/1447617_crazy_talk.jpg
      Crazy TalkEPISODE: 50

      A gutsy guy lays it on the line for his gal; women in love with carnival rides; a rapper gets his street cred revoked.

    • 8:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/894549_family_guy.jpg
      Family GuySeason 4 Episode 20: Patriot Games

      A chance encounter with a star quarterback at a school reunion lands Peter a place on the New England Patriots American football team - but success goes to his head. Meanwhile, Stewie becomes a sports bookie. With the voices of American football player Tom Brady, actress Carol Channing, sportscaster Bob Costas and chat show host Jay Leno

    • 8:30pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/894549_family_guy.jpg
      Family GuySeason 1 Episode 1: Death Has a Shadow

      Peter loses his job at the Happy Go Lucky toy factory following a late night at a stag party, but the blow is cushioned by an unexpected windfall in the form of a massive welfare payout. Animated comedy, with the voices of Seth MacFarlane, Alex Borstein and Seth Green

    • 10:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/886544_seinfeld.jpg
      SeinfeldSeason 3 Episode 12: The Red Dot

      Elaine finds George a job and, as a gesture of thanks, he buys her a cashmere sweater. However, the sweater turns out to be cheap and George also has a steamy encounter with the office cleaner

    • 10:30pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/886544_seinfeld.jpg
      SeinfeldSeason 3 Episode 15: The Suicide

      Elaine is forced to starve before an X-ray, so she stuffs herself in the three days leading up to the test. Meanwhile, a psychic warns George to cancel his vacation to the Cayman Islands - but will not reveal why. Comedy, starring Jerry Seinfeld and Julia Louis-Dreyfus

    • 11:30pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/85/1185737_cops_reloaded.jpg
      Cops ReloadedSeason 1 Episode 147: EPISODE: 147

      Officers search a man who they have just pulled over but he takes off on foot; officers find a man who just broke into a house very paranoid, on drugs, and claiming someone is out to kill his family and rape his daughter.

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