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Thursday, August 21 2014
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    • 23 mins ago
      Modern FamilySeason 1 Episode 3: Come Fly With Me

      Manny takes time out to play with Luke, before having a heart-to-heart with stepsister Claire. Gloria goes shopping for a dress with Alex, and Phil urges Jay to fly his new model aeroplane with him. Comedy, starring Ed O'Neill and Julie Bowen

    • in 7 mins
      Modern FamilySeason 1 Episode 8: Great Expectations

      Claire is determined to give Phil the perfect anniversary present to lose her reputation for giving bad gifts and she hires one of their favourite musicians to give him a private performance. Mitchell and Cam's party girl friend Sal comes to visit. Guest starring Edward Norton and Elizabeth Banks

    • 5:03am
      Law & Order: Criminal IntentSeason 3 Episode 19: Fico Di Capo

      A protected witness is shot dead in a restaurant, setting Goren and Eames on the trail of a trio of mobsters. They finally identify the key figure, but cannot find anyone willing to testify against him. Goren seeks the help of a don dying of cancer to get closer to their target. Detective drama, starring Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe and Jamey Sheridan

    • 6:02am
      Law & Order: Criminal IntentSeason 3 Episode 20: DAW

      Goren and Eames investigate the death of a woman searching for the whereabouts of her late mother's antique ring. Their trail leads to a deadly doctor who has cleverly concealed the murders of many of his patients. Detective drama, starring Vincent D'Onofrio, Kathryn Erbe and Jamey Sheridan

    • 7:01am
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 4 Episode 15: Pandora

      The investigation into the brutal rape and murder of an undercover Federal informant leads the team to Prague and an international case of teenage prostitution. Hard-hitting and emotional series chronicling the life and work of the New York Police Department, starring Christopher Meloni, Mariska Hargitay and Pam Grier

    • 8:00am
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 1 Episode 1: Payback

      Drama series following the investigations of an elite group of officers who deal with the most heinous crimes faced by the police. In the first instalment, detectives Stabler and Benson are assigned the case of a taxi driver found stabbed to death, and it soon emerges that the victim had a selection of false identities, leading the cops on a wild goose chase before they uncover any concrete leads. Dann Florek, Christopher Meloni and Richard Belzer star

    • 11:00am
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 5 Episode 5: Serendipity

      A doctor undergoes a paternity test that could prove his guilt in the murders of a mother and her baby. The procedure appears to prove he is not the father, but does implicate him in several child molestation cases. Hard-hitting drama, starring Christopher Meloni, Mariska Hargitay and Dann Florek

    • 12:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 5 Episode 6: Coerced

      Stabler investigates when a schizophrenic man kills a bystander while abducting a boy he believes to be his son. The adult home for the mentally where the offender had been a resident comes under scrutiny after Dr Huang is brought in to assist with enquiries. Crime drama, guest starring Leland Orser of ER fame alongside Christopher Meloni and BD Wong

    • 1:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 11 Episode 24: Shattered

      Benson and Stabler are called in to investigate when eght-year-old Nicholas Olsen is kidnapped and discover that his mother Sophie is under a restraining order to stay away from him. She denies having anything to do with the abduction, but evidence in her apartment suggests otherwise and Marlowe accuses her of hiring somebody to snatch her son. Guest starring Isabelle Huppert

    • 2:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 1: Locum

      The drama about an NYPD team specialising in sexual crimes returns. Mackenzie Burton disappears from her family home while her mother Pam is taking a bath and when Benson and Stabler investigate, they can find no sign of forced entry. The girl's father tells them that Mackenzie was adopted and also reveals that he and his wife's biological daughter Ella was abducted 10 years previously - a case that remains unsolved. Guest starring Joan Cusack, Peter Strauss and Henry Ian Cusick

    • 3:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 2: Bullseye

      Benson and Stabler are called to the hospital after the reported rape of a 10-year-old girl, who is so traumatised she won't speak at first, but eventually reveals that the attacker took pictures of her. A media frenzy is sparked when another victim comes forward and the detectives once again cross paths with Erik Weber, the leader of anti-paedophile vigilante group COAP, who points the finger at church warden Edwin Adelson. Guest starring Henry Ian Cusick and Stephen Tobolowsky

    • 4:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 3: Behave

      Benson and Stabler are called in when a woman is admitted to hospital after being found in a distressed state on a bus, claiming to have been raped. She tells the detectives it is the fourth time she has been assaulted by the same man over the past 15 years, but runs off before they get to ask any more questions. Crime drama, guest starring Jennifer Love Hewitt

    • 5:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 4: Merchandise

      Stabler and Benson investigate when a teenage girl is killed in a hit-and-run incident at a local farmers' market, but Warner rules it as a murder after discovering the victim was being starved and had recently given birth. The detectives learn she and her brother had been sold to a shady organisation by her desperate father, and US attorney Christine Danielson vows to help expose the traffickers. Guest starring Paul Schulze (Nurse Jackie) and Gloria Reuben (ER)

    • 6:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 5: Wet

      A PR executive is found dead in a fountain and Stabler and Benson have to untangle a web of love, lies and jealousy in order to find the killer. The victim's husband reveals he had been sent a tape of his wife having sex with a stranger and that she had made several enemies through her work at a soft drinks company. Crime drama, starring Mariska Hargitay

    • 7:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 6: Branded

      Businessman Bill Dixon is attacked in his apartment and Stabler and Benson arrive to find that he has been drugged, stripped, tied up, sexually violated and had the word 'ruiner' carved into his chest. They discover a large box had been delivered to the apartment block two hours beforehand, which was probably how the assailant gained access, and then another man is attacked in a similar way

    • 8:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 7: Trophy

      Benson and Stabler are called to an industrial laundry where an environmental activist has been found raped and murdered, with CCTV footage leading them to a car registered to a man who died nine months previously. The detectives visit his son Jason, who tries to make a break for it with a box containing some very odd items, one of which is linked to the victim. Another artefact leads to a woman who reported being raped back in the 1960s, but she now has Alzheimer's and Benson has to talk to her daughter Vivian. The Crime drama, guest starring Alex Kingston, Maria Bello and R Lee Ermey

    • 9:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 8: Reparations

      Benson is visited by FBI agent Dana Lewis, who claims she has been raped while working on an undercover project, but is worried if she reports it to her superiors they would pull her off the case and everything that she had achieved would go to waste. The detective persuades Dana to let her and Stabler investigate and they follow her to a staged protest against the building of a mosque organised by the group she had infiltrated. Guest starring Marcia Gay Harden (Miller's Crossing, Damages)

    • 10:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 9: Grey

      As Stabler is waiting to address a Take Back the Night rally at Hudson University, Bethany Jennings accuses fellow student Chuck Mills of raping her and the detective arrests him. ADA Sonya Paxton tells the team that since there is no clear evidence nor any witnesses, it is impossible to establish whether consent was given and Chuck must be released. However, he is soon accused of another crime. Starring Christopher Meloni

    • 11:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 14 Episode 16: Funny Valentine

      The detectives respond to a domestic abuse call after prominent R'n'B singer Mischa is brutally beaten by her rapper boyfriend, and the team makes its way to the recording studio to investigate. The performer tells them her boyfriend Caleb is responsible, so Amaro and Fin head to a nearby club to confront him

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