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Monday, March 30 2015
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    • 17 mins ago
      NCISSeason 2 Episode 14: Witness

      A woman claims to have witnessed the murder of a sailor, but a lack of physical evidence causes the team to question what actually took place. Spurred by his gut instinct, McGee perseveres in his search for clues and soon discovers there is more to the case than he could have imagined

    • 11:00am
      NCISSeason 2 Episode 15: Caught on Tape

      The team are called to investigate the discovery of a Marine's body at the bottom of a cliff. Gibbs immediately suspects either the man's ex-wife or his best friend, who she had been unfaithful with, is guilty of murder, and tries to turn them against each other. Meanwhile, Abby puts her technical skills to the test by attempting to rebuild a camera that was broken during the victim's fall

    • 12:00pm
      NCISSeason 2 Episode 16: Pop Life

      The dead body of a petty officer is found lying in bed next to a barman - but he insists she is not the woman he brought home with him the previous night. The investigation leads Gibbs and the team to the victim's sister (R'n'B star Mya), who is a singer in a rival bartender's dance club. Drama, starring Mark Harmon

    • 1:00pm
      NCISSeason 2 Episode 17: An Eye for an Eye

      Gibbs and the team try to find out who is responsible for sending a parcel containing a pair of blue human eyeballs to the home of a petty officer who works in Intelligence. However, the recipient of the organs commits suicide during the course of the inquiry, which leads the investigators to suspect one of his lecturers, who is working for the CIA in Panama

    • 2:00pm
      NCISSeason 2 Episode 18: Bikini Wax

      Gibbs and his crew are sent to investigate the case of a petty officer found dead backstage at a beauty pageant - and soon discover she may have been pursued by a stalker. Unfortunately the man in question has an alibi, and it is also revealed the victim was pregnant, prompting the team to consider jealousy as a motive. American drama, starring Mark Harmon, David McCallum and Sasha Alexander

    • 3:00pm
      NCISSeason 2 Episode 19: Conspiracy Theory

      A female officer is found dead, and evidence initially suggests she committed suicide as a result of a nervous breakdown. However, a sceptical Ducky believes foul play was involved - and the team later discover the victim was caught up in a love triangle. Kevin Quigley guest stars

    • 4:00pm
      NCISSeason 2 Episode 20: Red Cell

      The team investigates the murder of a Marine, but it is not long before their prime suspect also turns up dead. Tim and Abby discover a clue to both killings in an e-mail which suggests the victims were involved in a game with deadly consequences. Drama, starring Sean Murray and Pauley Perrette

    • 5:00pm
      NCISSeason 2 Episode 21: Hometown Hero

      A Marine suspected of murdering a girl is killed in Iraq, and a search of his personal belongings reveals her body. Naturally enough, most of the team believe they have found conclusive evidence of his guilt - but Gibbs suspects there's more to the situation than meets the eye

    • 6:00pm
      NCISSeason 2 Episode 22: SWAK

      Tony is infected with a deadly virus sent through the post by a group demanding the results of a long-closed case be made public in exchange for the antidote. McGee and Gibbs begin a race against time to discover the culprits and find a cure for the disease themselves. Michael Weatherly and Mark Harmon star

    • 7:00pm
      NCISSeason 2 Episode 23: Twilight

      The team's old enemy Ari Haswari returns, working on behalf of a secretive terrorist faction. Gibbs is distressed to learn that he is the next target, but doesn't realise the killer has another, more complex scheme in mind. Last in series, guest starring Rudolf Martin, with Mark Harmon

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