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Tuesday, March 3 2015
  • Time Show
    • 12:07am
      The Bourne Ultimatum

      Matt Damon returns as amnesiac rogue secret agent Jason Bourne in the gripping conclusion to the spy thriller trilogy. An encounter with a journalist researching the secret organisation that turned him into a killing machine reawakens Bourne's long-buried memories. Meanwhile, a CIA director becomes convinced Bourne is still a security risk, and plans to dispose of him once and for all. It's rare for part three of anything to live up to its predecessors, but director Paul Greengrass pulls it off brilliantly. Also starring Joan Allen, Julia Stiles and David Strathairn.

    • in 2 mins
      The Making of Dig

      Creating the action thriller series, 'Dig'; conspiracies and mysteries explored; locations; creators Tim Kring and Gideon Raff.

    • 3:02am
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 1 Episode 8: Stalked

      Stabler suspects Benson may be in danger during an investigation into a stalker the officers believe to be responsible for the murder of an assistant district attorney. Drama, starring Christopher Meloni, Mariska Hargitay and Dann Florek

    • 4:00am
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 4 Episode 10: Resilience

      A 14-year-old girl tries to commit suicide by jumping off an underground platform after being raped. As Benson and Stabler search for the culprits, DNA tests soon unearths a dark family secret involving the two main suspects and the victim's parents. Drama, starring Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni

    • 5:00am
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 7 Episode 16: Gone

      Two men are implicated in the rape and murder of a Canadian student, and the team finds enough evidence to have them charged - but the disappearance of the sole witness forces the judge to dismiss the case. Hard-hitting drama, starring Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay

    • 6:00am
      The Making of Dig

      Creating the action thriller series, 'Dig'; conspiracies and mysteries explored; locations; creators Tim Kring and Gideon Raff.

    • 7:00am
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 11: Pop

      The team is called in when the body of a badly beaten teenager is found on a ride at an amusement park, and the detectives find evidence of underground fight clubs for youngsters. Fin and Stabler interrupt a meeting of the club in woodland, where they arrest the victim's uncle Joe Gilbert and Hank Roberts, stepfather of the boy who fought him, who is also brought in for questioning. Stabler has a hunch that the youngster is being physically abused at home and goes to his house to confront Hank and his wife Sandra. Guest starring Drea de Matteo (The Sopranos, Joey)

    • 8:00am
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 12: Possessed

      Benson and Stabler investigate after Larissa Welsh's boyfriend returns home to find her unconscious, tied to a chair, covered in razor cuts and wearing nothing but some underwear labelled 'Brandy', before a naked man jumps out and attacks him. Back at headquarters, Munch and Fin search for similar cases and discover two girls have been attacked in the same manner, and further evidence points toward the existence of a paedophile ring. Guest starring Taryn Manning (Orange Is the New Black, Hawaii Five-0)

    • 9:00am
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 13: Mask

      Stabler and Benson investigate the rape of Debbie Shields in her home and are approached by Captain Jackson, who is the father of the victim's partner Ann and a psychiatrist specialising in treating sex addicts. A particular phrase used by the assailant strikes a chord with Jackson, but he refuses to say why due to doctor-patient confidentiality - and Stabler goes undercover at his rehabilitation clinic after there is a similar attack in Virginia. Guest starring Jeremy Irons

    • 10:00am
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 14: Dirty

      Benson and Warner attend the scene after assistant district attorney Page Ferguson falls to her death from the top of a multi-storey car park. Warner examines the body and initially concludes that the victim had been raped and cut with a knife, while Benson learns that she was leading a unit that prosecuted a gang of drug dealers - the head of which recently started a prison sentence due to her work

    • 11:00am
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 15: Flight

      A team investigates a young French model's claim that, after being brought to New York on a billionaire's private jet, she was raped by him at his 50th birthday party. The girl reveals there was another youngster on the plane, so Benson and Stabler try to trace the whereabouts of the potential witness

    • 1:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 18: Bully

      A gruesome work of art in a painter's studio leads to the discovery of a woman's body in the flat above. Benson and Stabler investigate the victim's personal contacts and establish she could have suffered bullying at the wine business she co-founded. Crime drama, starring Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay

    • 2:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 20: Totem

      The body of a girl is discovered outside a church by two children, and investigations lead the team members to believe she was killed by someone known to her. Benson and Stabler soon realise that to find the person responsible they will require the help of psychiatrist Captain Jackson (guest star Jeremy Irons). Crime drama, starring Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay

    • 3:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 21: Reparations

      A woman accuses her flatmate's brother of rape, but the detectives realise the evidence points to another assailant and are soon talking to a pupil at a nearby school. Novak is brought on board to prosecute the youngster, but finds herself up against a legal heavyweight in the courtroom. Crime drama, guest starring Terrence Howard and Diane Neal

    • 4:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 23: Delinquent

      Fourteen-year-old Hunter Mazelon is charged with breaking into a woman's apartment with the apparent intention of raping her - but he throws the investigation into turmoil by accusing Stabler of molesting him. Served with an injunction, the detective has to stay away from the teenager and his mother, while the prosecution team struggles to build a case against the boy in what is almost a victimless crime. Guest starring Rita Wilson, Marina Squerciati and Sterling Beaumon

    • 5:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 24: Smoked

      Annette Fox is walking down the street with her daughter Jenna when a man in a dark hoodie snatches her purse before shooting her in the head, killing her. Annette had been due to testify in a rape case against high-profile hairdresser Luke Ronson, who swears to Benson and Stabler that he was helping out at a homeless shelter at the time. Crime drama, starring Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay

    • 6:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 13 Episode 1: Scorched Earth

      An African immigrant working as a maid accuses an Italian diplomat of rape, but the man hires some heavyweight lawyers to discredit her story by revealing a fabricated detail on her asylum application. A fellow maid brings the woman into further disrepute, but Benson is still inclined to believe the story. Meanwhile, Stabler's future remains in doubt. Crime drama, starring Mariska Hargitay

    • 7:00pm
      Modern FamilySeason 2 Episode 17: Two Monkeys and a Panda

      Jay worries his eventual death will allow Gloria to remarry, and decides to buy them both a crypt, ensuring they will be together for eternity. Meanwhile, Cameron makes a scrapbook to help Lily embrace her unconventional upbringing, Claire tries to play peacemaker when Alex accidentally rips Hayley's favourite jumper, and Phil treats himself to a day at the spa

    • 7:30pm
      Modern FamilySeason 3 Episode 15: Aunt Mommy

      Phil and Claire make Mitch and Cameron a life-changing promise after drinking heavily at a restaurant, and Jay's concerns about Manny and Gloria's relationship are eased when he learns more about their mother-son bond. American comedy, starring Ty Burrell and Julie Bowen

    • 8:00pm
      Modern FamilySeason 3 Episode 17: Leap Day

      Cameron seizes the opportunity to celebrate his birthday, which only comes around once every four years, so the pressure is on Mitchell to organise an occasion to remember. Phil's day is ruined by the female members of his family, who are all feeling emotional, while Jay tries to assert his manhood when it is called into question. American comedy, starring Eric Stonestreet, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Ty Burrell

    • 8:30pm
      Modern FamilySeason 3 Episode 20: The Last Walt

      Cam's dad comes to visit, but an argument over dinner leads to an awkward situation, and Luke discovers his elderly friend Walt has passed away. Meanwhile, Phil and Alex share some father-daughter bonding time, and Haley takes advantage of her parents' distractions and throws a party

    • 9:00pm
      Modern FamilySeason 3 Episode 21: Planes, Trains and Cars

      Andre persuades Phil to make a spontaneous purchase when the friends go car shopping, and Jay is determined to take Gloria and Manny to his high-school reunion. Meanwhile, Mitch and Cameron face an uphill struggle to console a distraught Lily, who loses her favourite soft toy on a train. Guest starring Kevin Hart (Death at a Funeral)

    • 10:31pm
      Modern FamilySeason 4 Episode 6: Yard Sale

      The friends pitch in for a yard sale to help help raise money for the school but problems arise when Manny comes across an old trunk containing a secret of Gloria's. Phil finds himself in a bit of a pickle, feeling pressured to sell and buy something, while Alex's new boyfriend is subjected to Claire's thorough interrogation. Will she approve of him or will it turn out that she preferred Dylan?

    • 11:01pm
      Modern FamilySeason 3 Episode 19: Election Day

      Mitch and Cameron head to the streets to take part in some last-minute campaigning as election day arrives, while Claire regrets agreeing to do interviews. American comedy, starring Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Julie Bowen

    • 11:31pm
      Modern FamilySeason 1 Episode 5: Coal Digger

      American comedy following the lives of three dysfunctional families, including a man who struggles to keep up with his younger wife, an embarassing husband and a gay couple getting used to parenthood after adopting a Vietnamese baby. Starring Ed O'Neill (Married With Children) and Julie Bowen (Boston Legal)

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