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Friday, October 31 2014
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    • 8 mins ago
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 12 Episode 19: Bombshell

      A couple confront a businessman who is trying to break into their car, only to discover he has been stabbed.. Benson and Stabler are forced to go undercover in a modern-day swingers club, posing as a married couple but in reality seeking information about possible suspects. Crime drama, starring Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay

    • 2:00am
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 6 Episode 2: Debt

      Benson and Stabler investigate the disappearance of a mother and daughter, and uncover a conspiracy between a corrupt immigration attorney and gangsters running a prostitution ring involving women smuggled into the country. Starring Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni

    • 3:00am
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 6 Episode 3: Obscene

      The detectives investigate the rape of a teenage TV personality. After learning of her unpopularity within the community for her raunchy antics on and off camera, they are shocked to discover her suspected attacker may have been acting on the suggestion of a controversial DJ who had been baiting the young star over the airwaves

    • 4:00am
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 10 Episode 9: PTSD

      The death of a marine who became pregnant after being raped on active service in Iraq brings the unit into conflict with the Pentagon. She is found to have been killed by a method taught to elite troops and Greylek has to fight the military to retain jurisdiction of the case, while Benson's flashbacks of her own sexual assault may be clouding her judgement. Starring Christopher Meloni, Mariska Hargitay and Dann Florek

    • 5:00am
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 3 Episode 10: Ridicule

      When a woman is found dead following what appears to have been an auto-erotic encounter, Benson and Stabler discover a connection to the case of a male stripper claiming to have been raped during a hen night. While Cabot prosecutes the sexual assault case, the detectives find that the girl's seemingly accidental death was actually murder. Drama, starring Christopher Meloni and Mariska Hargitay

    • 7:00am
      CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationSeason 11 Episode 8: Fracked

      A rancher is found drowned on the outskirts of Vegas, and the team is shocked to discover that despite his relative youth, he was suffering from pre-cancerous lesions and nerve tissue degeneration. The investigation into the man's death leads to a reporter from his home town who is working on a big story, and when a safety inspector for a local gas company is also killed, the officers uncover corporate corruption involving a tainted water supply

    • 8:00am
      CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationSeason 11 Episode 9: Wild Life

      A man falls to his death from a casino balcony, and when the detectives identify the room from which he plunged, they find two women unconscious on the bed. Toxicology reports suggest the pair were drugged, and forensic evidence reveals someone other than the deceased was involved in the evening's events - leading one of the girls to claim she was raped. Meanwhile, Sara investigates a double homicide in which none of the clues seems to add up

    • 9:00am
      CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationSeason 11 Episode 10: 418/427

      A shooting outside a grocery store leaves a shop assistant and a female customer dead, and when Sara and the team discover the woman was accompanied by her daughter at the time, they discover the killer is also a kidnapper. However, the case takes a complex turn when the child's FBI agent father muscles into the investigation, and the CSIs find themselves caught in the middle of a battle of wills between the Bureau operative and a suspected paedophile. Guest starring Jason Butler Harner (Changeling)

    • 11:00am
      CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationSeason 11 Episode 12: A Kiss Before Frying

      The body of a man is found dumped in a ditch on the outskirts of Las Vegas, and when Langston investigates, he discovers he is not actually dead. Smoking burns and a blackened tongue hint he was subjected to an electric chair-style execution, and the fresh nature of the victim's wounds suggests the would-be killer is operating from a vehicle. Meanwhile, Greg begins a whirlwind romance with a schoolteacher (guest star Dita Von Teese) - but soon discovers she has a lurid secret

    • 12:00pm
      CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationSeason 11 Episode 13: The Two Mrs. Grissoms

      Sara attends a gala dinner at the university, but finds herself at the scene of a murder when a professor is killed in an explosion. The investigation leads officers to suspect Julia Holden, one of the dead man's colleagues, after she gives a false alibi - but when Brass discovers Holden used to go out with Grissom, he demands Sara be taken off the case. Guest starring Marlee Matlin (Children of a Lesser God)

    • 1:00pm
      Law & Order: Criminal IntentSeason 6 Episode 6: Masquerade

      Goren and Eames travel to Vietnam to pick up a man who has recently confessed to murdering a 10-year-old actor in 1992. However, it is not long before the detectives find holes in his story, and begin to reassess the original investigation - leading them to believe the suspect may be much closer to home than anyone thought. Guest starring Liza Minnelli

    • 2:00pm
      Law & Order: Criminal IntentSeason 7 Episode 2: Seeds

      Detectives Logan and Falacci suspect the involvement of a fanatical pro-life campaigner when they investigate the brutal murder of an obstetrician found posed in a ritualistic fashion, spread-eagled on an examination chair, and the clues lead them to the doctor's son. Crime drama, starring Chris Noth and Alicia Witt

    • 3:00pm
      Law & Order: Criminal IntentSeason 7 Episode 3: Smile

      The murder of a dentist leads Goren and Eames to a company at the heart of a criminal conspiracy involving contaminated mouthwash that has caused the deaths of several children. Establishing a motive for the killing proves difficult - and the detectives begin to suspect they are being manipulated by someone close to the investigation. Drama, starring Vincent D'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe

    • 4:00pm
      Law & Order: Criminal IntentSeason 7 Episode 4: Lonelyville

      A Ukrainian illegal immigrant working as a prostitute is murdered in a motel room, setting in motion an investigation that leads to a writer secretly profiling the singles scene. At first his guilt seems a foregone conclusion - but as inquiries continue, Falacci and Logan begin to suspect he is being framed. Crime drama, starring Chris Noth and Alicia Witt

    • 5:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 9 Episode 12: Signature

      Benson and Lake team up with FBI agent Lauren Cooper to track down a serial killer who has claimed the lives of more than 20 women - but discover that he too has been murdered. The investigation leads them to a warehouse where they find a hidden torture chamber containing a surviving victim - but she later dies, shutting down a vital line of inquiry and complicating the case still further

    • 6:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 14 Episode 9: Dreams Deferred

      A man goes on a killing spree, leaving Benson and the team to detain a prostitute who is part of his social circle. They use her in a ploy to lure him in. Hard-hitting and emotional series chronicling the life and crimes of the New York Police Department, starring Mariska Hargitay and Dann Florek

    • 7:00pm
      Law & Order: Special Victims UnitSeason 13 Episode 5: Missing Pieces

      A baby goes missing, allegedly taken unwittingly by thieves who were unaware it was strapped into the back seat of a car they stole. Benson and Amaro gather statements from the anxious mother and her boyfriend - but discrepancies in their accounts raise suspicions

    • 8:00pm
      Modern FamilySeason 2 Episode 5: Unplugged

      Tired of the family's obsession with electronic gadgets, Claire and Phil declare a household challenge to see who can stay unplugged the longest. Mitch and Cameron frantically try to get Lily into the best pre-school, while Jay and Manny are concerned at the lengths to which Gloria will go to stop the neighbour's dog barking

    • 8:30pm
      Modern FamilySeason 2 Episode 24: Best of Modern Family - The One That Got Away

      Jay hopes for a quiet afternoon on the lake fishing, but his family has other plans that involve fuss and thrills. Claire and Mitchell become trapped in their childhood home, Phil meets his arch-enemy from college at a shopping centre, and Cam encounters a sticky situation at the bakery. Meanwhile, the children face the task of creatively editing their grandfather's birthday video

    • 9:00pm
      Modern FamilySeason 3 Episode 2: When Good Kids Go Bad

      Mitch and Cam try to get Lily on their side when they decide to adopt a baby boy, but have doubts about whether they are adequately prepared to raise another child. Meanwhile, Gloria deals with Manny's head teacher

    • 9:30pm
      Modern FamilySeason 3 Episode 4: Door to Door

      Jay helps Manny with a school fundraiser involving lots of wrapping paper, and Claire petitions for a stop sign at a busy junction. Meanwhile, Mitchell is determined to prove a point to Cameron, but neither one of them will back down. American comedy, guest starring David Cross (Arrested Development), with Ed O'Neill and Julie Bowen

    • 10:00pm
      Modern FamilySeason 3 Episode 24: Baby on Board

      Mitch and Cam continue their quest to adopt another child, enlisting the help of Gloria as a translator. Jay and Manny are left alone to look after Lily as she prepares for a dance recital, and Claire and Phil send Alex off to her first prom. Meanwhile, Haley causes a stir when she announces her future plans

    • 10:30pm
      Modern FamilySeason 4 Episode 5: Open House of Horrors

      Halloween-mad Claire is warned to tone down her horror hi-jinks this year, especially after almost giving a neighbour a heart attack 12 months ago - but when Phil decides to hold an open house to celebrate, she can't resist the urge to rustle up a few scares. Mitch and Cam are forced to deal with Lily when she asks about her real mum, while Jay and Manny learn that when a pregnant woman mentions her hormones, it's best to take cover

    • 11:00pm
      Modern FamilySeason 3 Episode 23: Tableau Vivant

      Phil is placed in the awkward position of having to fire Mitchell, and Cam and Claire clash over their opposing theories on how to discipline children. Meanwhile, Manny loses his temper when Luke accepts an award under false pretences, and Jay and Gloria argue over their lunch at a local diner

    • 11:30pm
      Modern FamilySeason 3 Episode 5: Hit and Run

      American comedy following the lives of three dysfunctional households - a man who struggles to keep up with his younger wife, an embarrassing husband and a gay couple getting used to parenthood after adopting a Vietnamese baby. Starring Ed O'Neill and Julie Bowen

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