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Thursday, August 27 2015
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    • 31 mins ago
      truTV Top FunniestSeason 2 Episode 4: Ridiculous Antics

      A countdown of the most amusing video clips in America, featuring a baby imitating her father's screams and a mother and daughter refusing the man in their lives any affection. Plus, another young girl goes too far in her efforts to look like her dad, a dog tries to swim while on dry land, and someone has a close encounter with a shark. Plus, another compilation of magic tricks with conjurer Zach King, with his subjects ranging from toilets to birds and kittens

    • in 29 mins
      truTV Top FunniestSeason 2 Episode 8: Outrageous Surprises

      A countdown of video clips showcasing the best in unexpected events, including a woman seeking inner calm through yoga who ends up flat on her face, and a man whose new television slips out of his hands. Plus, a toddler takes pleasure in pulling out chairs from under his relatives' behinds, and a grandmother shows off her best moves on the dance floor

    • 5:00pm
      truTV Top FunniestSeason 2 Episode 9: Epic Fails

      Video footage of epic fails, including a prankster who hides in a toilet cubicle and sprays his neighbours' feet with water, catching their enraged reactions on camera. One man wishes he had made a faster exit when his jilted lover throws a brick through his car's windscreen, and four men standing on the same tree branch take the inevitable plunge into the river below

    • 6:00pm
      truTV Top FunniestSeason 2 Episode 3: Dumb & Dumber: Top 20 Funniest: Hilarious Moments

      A countdown of the funniest video clips in America, from those that went viral to home movies, pranks, surveillance footage and news bloopers. The third edition features a girl being pushed from a height while mounting her horse, and a prankster throwing a ball at full speed into his pal's face. Plus, a teenager shows his wicked side when he leaps off a see-saw and sends his friend crashing to the ground

    • 7:00pm
      truTV Top FunniestSeason 2 Episode 5: Silly Blunders

      A countdown of the silliest blunders caught on camera in America, including an amateur stuntman who jumps from a moving car and misses his mark, a prankster who spooks unwary people with his creepy spider surprise, and people who make a hash of their home improvements

    • 8:00pm
      truTV Top FunniestSeason 2 Episode 6: Surprise Laughs

      A countdown of humorous video clips showcasing would-be action stars, including a London parkour runner falling into the Thames, a zipliner dropping from a great height, and a martial arts master practising his moves high in the mountains. Plus, footage from the world's most embarrassing first dates captures a disastrous battle-of-the-sexes dance competition and a man failing spectacularly to sweep a girl off her feet

    • 9:30pm
      Impractical JokersSeason 3 Episode 18: Clash of the Jokers

      The guys pitch fabulous and tasty mascot ideas to diehard baseball fans. Then, Joe and Q, break-it-down old-school-style at the mall. And finally, Sal and Murr face-off in a challenge that literally proves neither is book smart.

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