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Tuesday, July 28 2015
  • Time Show
    • 23 mins ago
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/921545_charmed.jpg
      CharmedSeason 2 Episode 15: Give Me a Sign

      Criminal mastermind Bane Jessup escapes from prison and heads for the Halliwell house to kidnap Prue, hoping to convince the trio to save him from a powerful demon. Concerned for her well-being, Phoebe and Piper join forces in an effort to save their sister. Starring Shannen Doherty

    • 7:00am
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/921545_charmed.jpg
      CharmedSeason 2 Episode 16: Murphy's Luck

      Prue prevents a woman from killing herself, but antagonises a vengeful Darklighter in the process - and slides into a suicidal depression of her own. Supernatural drama, starring Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano and Holly Marie Combs, with a guest appearance by Arnold Vosloo

    • 9:00am
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/1111823_supernatural.jpg
      SupernaturalSeason 3 Episode 9: Malleus Maleficarum

      Sam and Dean travel to Massachusetts to investigate a coven of witches that has killed two people. Ruby warns them they will come into conflict with a powerful demon, but when they investigate they make some startling discoveries about her own history

    • 10:00am
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/1111823_supernatural.jpg
      SupernaturalSeason 3 Episode 10: Dream a Little Dream of Me

      When Bobby falls into a coma, Sam and Dean discover he has been poisoned and his life is in danger. They decide to drink the potion themselves and follow him into the dream world he has entered to try to bring him back, but find they must first confront their own nightmares

    • 11:00am
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/1111823_supernatural.jpg
      SupernaturalSeason 3 Episode 11: Mystery Spot

      When Dean is shot and killed while investigating a disappearance, Sam gets stuck in a time loop, repeating the day's events over and over again in an attempt to prevent his brother's death. Fantasy drama, starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki

    • 1:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/1111790_bones.jpg
      BonesSeason 7 Episode 13: The Past in the Present

      Booth and Brennan intervene in the case of Christopher Pelant, a suspect in two of their murder cases, urging the judge to keep him in jail. When a new body is discovered they are determined to prove him guilty, but the evidence suggests a victim also had a link to Brennan, placing her in the frame

    • 2:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/1111790_bones.jpg
      BonesSeason 8 Episode 1: The Future in the Past

      It is three months since Brennan went into hiding after being framed for murder by Christopher Pelant and an anonymous tip leads the team to the remains of a high-school counsellor. Angela realises that solving the case could help clear Brennan's name, although things take a turn for the worse when Pelant makes an unexpected move. Crime drama, starring Emily Deschanel

    • 3:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/1111790_bones.jpg
      BonesSeason 8 Episode 2: The Partners in the Divorce

      As Brennan and Booth adjust to normal life after being on the run, tensions rise between the crime-solving pair, but a new case keeps them focused on work. The remains of a high-profile divorce lawyer have been found in a burning bin, and with years of dodgy deals to his name, any of the victim's disgruntled clients could have a motive

    • 4:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/1111790_bones.jpg
      BonesSeason 8 Episode 3: The Gunk in the Garage

      After an explosion in a hotel garage, the Jeffersonian team tries to identify victims by investigating remains found at the scene; Sweets works with a temporary partner (Danielle Panabaker) while Booth works on the department's budget.

    • 5:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/894523_castle.jpg
      CastleSeason 5 Episode 21: Still

      Beckett's life is threatened when she steps on a pressure sensitive bomb. While the team members search for a way to disarm the explosive, Castle distracts her from the gravity of the situation by engaging her in a conversation about who first fell for whom. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic star

    • 6:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/894523_castle.jpg
      CastleSeason 5 Episode 23: The Human Factor

      Homeland Security agents attempt to shut the author and Beckett out of a car-bombing crime scene. Matters are complicated further when the duo discover the victim, a government whistleblower, has been killed by a military robot. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic star

    • 7:00pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/4/894523_castle.jpg
      CastleSeason 5 Episode 24: Watershed

      The body of a woman who hacked a law office for a specific file is discovered in a water tank. It transpires she believed her actions were leading towards determining the killer of her best friend. Castle and Beckett investigate, while the pair's relationship reaches its next level. American crime drama, starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic

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