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Sunday, July 5 2015
  • Time Show
    • 1:30am
      The Twilight ZoneSeason 1 Episode 8: Time Enough at Last

      Time Enough at Last. A bookworm's sole want in life is more free time to read, and when a nuclear holocaust leaves him alone in the world, his wish may have been answered. Adaptation of Lyn Venable's sci-fi tale, with Tim Kazurinsky. Narrated by Stacy Keach

    • 6:00am
      The Twilight ZoneSeason 5 Episode 19: Night Call

      Night Call. Miss Keen's quiet life is changed forever by a strange phone call on a stormy night. Adaptation of the sci-fi tale by Richard Matheson, with Mariette Hartley. Narrated by Stacy Keach

    • 6:30am
      DominionSeason 1 Episode 7: Ouroboros

      When innocent higher angels turn up dead in Vega, Michael enlists Alex to help protect the others; Gabriel exposes a long-hidden secret; Alex and Noma reignite an old flame.

    • 9:00am
      21 DAY FIX

      Want to lose 15 pounds in 21 days? You can do it! Celebrity Trainer Autumn Calabrese will show you how with the NEW 21 Day Fix!

    • 9:30am
      The Perfect Yard

      Give your yard the face-lift it needs to become the most beautiful one on the block. This revolutionary invention is eco-friendly and sweeping across the United States.

    • 10:00am
      Breaking Bald

      Discover the latest advancements in hair restoration - from high-tech, microscopic hair transplantation procedures, to intense rejuvenation products, and more. Learn how hair loss sufferers can get their hair back in as little as 4 to 6 weeks.

    • 10:30am
      Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED: Get a Strong, Sexy and SHREDDED Body

      BODYSHRED is a hybrid of the most cutting-edge fitness philosophies integrated into one comprehensive system that targets every muscle in the body with every fitness modality-all in one workout. Includes 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and 5 free gifts!

    • 11:30am
      Star Trek: Insurrection

      Captain Picard and the Next Generation crew return for their third big-screen outing. The Enterprise team uncover a deadly plot while negotiating with an advanced alien race, and are forced to defy orders from the Admiralty to preserve their own sense of morality. Diverting sci-fi adventure, boasting excellent special effects and starring regulars Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner and Michael Dorn.

    • 1:30pm

      Psychiatrist George Clooney arrives on a space station to investigate the death of its commanding officer but subsequently starts to experience frightening visions of his late wife which seem all too real - and force him to question his sanity. This sci-fi drama is Steven Soderbergh's eerie reimagining of Stanislaw Lem's original story, with Clooney on fine form as a man gradually unravelling. Co-starring Natascha McElhone, Viola Davis, Jeremy Davies and Ulrich Tukur

    • 3:30pm
      Déjà Vu

      Agente federal e seu companheiro viajam para investigar a causa de uma explosão fatal em Nova Orleans, e lá ele se apaixona por uma mulher que está destinada a perder sua vida nas mãos de um assassino.

    • 6:00pm
      Starship Troopers

      Courageous military recruits hurl themselves into a desperate war against evil aliens set on destroying mankind. They blast off for the creatures' home planet in a last-ditch attempt to save the human race from annihilation - little realising the carnage that awaits them. Satirical gore-splattered sci-fi adventure from director Paul Verhoeven, starring Casper Van Dien, Denise Richards and Dina Meyer, plus a multitude of computer-generated nasties

    • 9:00pm
      Jurassic Park

      Steven Spielberg's blockbuster, with Sam Neill, Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum among the scientists given a sneak preview of a new dinosaur theme park - but it all goes wrong when the main attractions go on the rampage and start to eat the visitors. That all takes second place to the real stars - computer-generated and animatronic dinosaurs which set a new standard in special effects. With Richard Attenborough.

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