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Saturday, April 19 2014
  • Time Show
    • 3:30am
      The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

      Two brothers who have abandoned a life of crime in Boston for a peaceful existence in rural Ireland receive word their childhood priest has been murdered and they have been framed for the crime. Returning to America, they set out to get revenge on the real killers. Crime thriller sequel, starring Sean Patrick Flanery, Norman Reedus and Billy Connolly

    • in 5 mins
      The Order

      Reformed smuggler Jean-Claude Van Damme travels to the Holy Land, determined to track down his missing archaeologist dad, but encounters opposition from a mysterious religious sect who are determined that their sinister activities remain secret. Along the way, there are plenty of opportunities for the Muscles from Brussels to show off roughly the same moves he's been using for years. Undemanding, fun-packed action adventure spoofing the Indiana Jones trilogy, co-starring Charlton Heston and Ben Cross

    • 7:20am

      A Mob boss gives a hitwoman on his payroll the job of finding his runaway girlfriend and bringing her back to him. The assassin soon finds her target, but when the fugitive kills someone, they are both forced to flee from the crime syndicate together. Comedy thriller, with Kyra Sedgwick, Stanley Tucci, Robin Tunney and Robbie Coltrane

    • 9:05am
      Band of the Hand

      An Indian Vietnam veteran trains five street punks in the Everglades to fight vice in Miami.

    • 11:10am
      The Quick and the Dead

      Sam Raimi (director of the Spider-Man movies) pays tribute to Sergio Leone with a feminist take on the old spaghetti Westerns - especially Once Upon a Time in the West. Sharon Stone plays Ellen, an enigmatic traveller seeking justice in a town called Redemption. Gene Hackman is simply terrific as the dictatorial ruler John Herod who holds the annual shooting contest designed to separate the men from the boys. But this year there's a woman taking part and her most basic instinct is survival. Impressive support comes from Lance Henriksen and superstars-in-waiting Russell Crowe and Leonardo DiCaprio

    • 1:00pm

      Bruce Willis and James Garner star in this comedy thriller as silent movie star Tom Mix and legendary lawman Wyatt Earp. When the actor is cast as the famed marshal in a movie, he is delighted to learn the real Earp is on set as a technical adviser. The real and fake cowboys investigate when a murder takes place, discovering a connection between the killing and the machinations of a corrupt Hollywood mogul. The film struggles to balance the action and laughs, despite an appealing performance from Garner. Also starring Malcolm McDowell and Mariel Hemingway

    • 2:50pm
      Striking Distance

      Bruce Willis stars as a cop whose father is murdered by a serial killer. But when he refuses to accept the suspect convicted of the crime is the real perpetrator, he finds his career derailed as he is demoted to river patrol. Naturally, the hero's instincts prove accurate as the villain resurfaces, hurling him into a race to save other innocent lives. Brainless action thriller, with Sarah Jessica Parker adding a touch of much-needed glamour to proceedings, alongside Dennis Farina and Tom Sizemore

    • 4:40pm
      Silent Rage

      A sheriff shoots a killer dead, but doctors administer a new drug which brings him back to life : as a fearsome warrior hell-bent on revenge. Thriller, starring Chuck Norris, Ron Silver and Steven Keats

    • 6:35pm
      The River Murders

      A homicide detective investigates the rape and murder of his ex-girlfriend, only for several other women from his past to be killed in similar circumstances. As he goes after the sadistic criminal responsible, his colleagues become convinced that he is the killer. Thriller, starring Ray Liotta, Christian Slater and Ving Rhames

    • 8:15pm
      A Good Old Fashioned Orgy

      Eric has a reputation for throwing wild parties, but starts to realise that his friends are growing up and settling down. He decides to organise an orgy as a last hurrah for his reckless youth, but has a hard time persuading his friends to take part, as well as not appearing sleazy to a woman he hopes to impress. Comedy, starring Jason Sudeikis and Leslie Bibb

    • 10:00pm
      Wild Things 2

      The stepdaughter of a millionaire businessman is shocked to learn she will miss out on his fortune thanks to a clause in his will - but she and her friend come up with a cunning plan to ensure she gets her share of the cash. Drama, starring Susan Ward, Leila Arcieri and Isaiah Washington

    • 11:40pm
      Wild Things: Foursome

      A detective uncovers treachery while investigating the death of a hotel tycoon.

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