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Thursday, July 31 2014
  • Time Show
    • 48 mins ago
      Hostel Part III

      Four men on a stag party in Las Vegas are lured by two seductive women into attending what they think is a private party. When they arrive, they are kidnapped by members of a sadistic secret club, who need victims to torture as part of their horrific games. Horror sequel, starring Thomas Kretschmann, Zulay Henao and Kip Pardue

    • 6:15am
      Vacancy 2: The First Cut

      Jessica, Taylor and Tanner check into the Meadow View Motel on their way back from Chicago, unaware the sadistic owners plan to murder their guests on camera and sell the subsequent snuff movie. The three friends must call upon all reserves of strength and guile if they want to survive the night. Horror, starring Agnes Bruckner, David Moscow, Scott G Anderson and Arjay Smith

    • 7:45am
      The Black Knight

      A humble sword-maker in the kingdom of King Arthur sets out to prove his worth as a knight in a bid to impress a nobleman's daughter. While fighting in the king's name to foil an invasion, he discovers the attacking army is in league with traitors in the royal court. Swashbuckling adventure, starring Alan Ladd, Peter Cushing, Patricia Medina, Patrick Troughton and John Laurie

    • 9:15am

      A noble 12th-century knight returns home to England after fighting in the Crusades alongside Richard the Lionheart, only to find the country under the domination of the king's tyrannical brother. He joins a rebellion to restore rule of the kingdom to the rightful monarch. Medieval adventure based on Walter Scott's novel, starring Anthony Andrews, James Mason and Sam Neill

    • 11:40am
      Ride Beyond Vengeance

      A drifter who married for money in a small-town community returns to take revenge on the locals who scarred him for life with a red-hot branding iron. Western, starring Chuck Connors, Michael Rennie, Kathryn Hays, Claude Akins, Buddy Baer, Bill Bixby and Joan Blondell

    • 1:25pm
      The Quick Gun

      Clint Cooper, a reformed outlaw who left his hometown in disgrace after getting involved with a gang of thieves, returns to claim his late father's ranch. On the way, he runs into the leader of his former cronies, who reveals he is planning to raid the settlement while most of the men are away on a cattle drive, and it is left to the exiled Clint to rouse the remaining residents to defend their homes. Western, starring Audie Murphy

    • 3:00pm
      Short Circuit

      A military robot is struck by lightning and develops a mind of its own, embarking on a series of comic misadventures. This lightweight sci-fi caper is entertaining enough for kids, but adults may find their patience stretched by the 'endearing' daftness of it all. Steve Guttenberg stars as the inventor trying to track down the machine before the authorities get their hands on it, with Ally Sheedy as a youngster befriended by the metal mischief-maker

    • 6:10pm
      Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

      A group of intergalactic soldiers are forced to take refuge in an abandoned outpost as the war against alien forces rages around them, but their sanctuary harbours a dark secret which threatens their lives. Sci-fi sequel to Paul Verhoeven's gore-spattered movie clearly made on a fraction of the original's budget and with none of its predecessor's black humour. Starring Bill Brown, Richard Burgi, Cy Carter and Sandrine Holt

    • 7:45pm
      District 9

      Based upon the short film 'Alive in Joburg', we follow the relocation of over a million extraterrestrial creatures to a new home. When their ship landed in South Africa twenty years earlier, the alien race were housed in a government camp; District 9. After years of neglect and overcrowded living facilities, the Multi-National United is appointed to police the area, and oversee the move to District 10. Sci-fi drama directed by Neill Blomkamp, with Peter Jackson as producer.

    • 10:00pm

      A disillusioned colonel leads a group of soldiers and workers against an army of killer robots he helped design, after they all get stranded on a remote planet. Sci-fi thriller based on a tale by Philip K Dick, starring Peter Weller, Roy Dupuis, Jennifer Rubin and Andy Lauer.

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