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Friday, February 27 2015
  • Time Show
    • 9:25am
      Urban Legends: Final Cut

      A student film-maker struggles to complete her thesis when the cast and crew fall victim to a sinister killer determined to create his own series of urban myths. Ineffective horror sequel, sadly lacking in chills, starring Jennifer Morrison, Matthew Davis, Hart Bochner and Joey Lawrence

    • 11:05am
      Next Door

      Wilted azaleas trigger a feud between a professor and his wife, and a butcher and his wife.

    • 12:40pm
      Blood and Bone

      A drifter battles his way through an illegal underground fighting circuit controlled by the Los Angeles Mob, on a mission to keep a promise to his dead friend. His defeat of the local champion attracts the attention of a crime boss, but his refusal to work for the gangster makes him a deadly enemy. Action thriller, with Michael Jai White, Julian Sands and Eamonn Walker

    • 2:15pm

      Powerful action drama about a tough Chicago teenager who gets involved in the underground boxing scene to help pay off his father's debts. He befriends another young fighter who sees boxing as a means of escaping his poverty-stricken roots, and the two come under the influence of a crooked promoter. Starring James Marshall, John Heard, Brian Dennehy and Cuba Gooding Jnr

    • 4:00pm
      The Hit List

      A man who is angry with his lot in life gets drunk with a stranger he meets in a bar and compiles a list of people he would like to kill. He does not realise his drinking buddy is a hitman who intends to carry out the executions, leaving the bewildered list-maker prime suspect in a series of murders. Action thriller, starring Cuba Gooding Jr and Cole Hauser

    • 5:35pm
      Last Action Hero

      Tough guy Arnold Schwarzenegger plays film character Jack Slater, whose adventures spill over into the real world thanks to a touch of magic. He's accompanied by a plucky youngster as he steps down from the silver screen to catch a celluloid villain intent on making mischief. Rollercoaster tongue-in-cheek fantasy, which may be a bit daft, but is still harmless fun. Co-starring Austin O'Brien, Charles Dance, F Murray Abraham and Anthony Quinn.

    • 7:50pm
      The 6th Day

      Confused helicopter pilot Arnold Schwarzenegger is shocked to discover he's been replaced by an illegal clone. Not only that, but mysterious assassins are determined to destroy any incriminating evidence - including him. Intriguing fast-paced sci-fi thriller, which manages to entertain despite Schwarzenegger's rather tired delivery, with Michael Rapaport, Robert Duvall, Sarah Wynter, Michael Rooker, Wendy Crewson and Tony Goldwyn.

    • 10:00pm
      Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation

      A group of intergalactic soldiers are forced to take refuge in an abandoned outpost as the war against alien forces rages around them, but their sanctuary harbours a dark secret which threatens their lives. Sci-fi sequel to Paul Verhoeven's gore-spattered movie clearly made on a fraction of the original's budget and with none of its predecessor's black humour. Starring Bill Brown, Richard Burgi, Cy Carter and Sandrine Holt

    • 11:40pm

      The American government reacts to a terrorist attack by introducing mobile robotic cameras to monitor the public. A homeland security agent begins to suspect the cameras are killing people after evidence in a murder case does not match up, and sets out to discover who is controlling them. Sci-fi thriller, starring Adrian Paul, Megan Blake and Danny Trejo

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