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Wednesday, September 3 2014
  • Time Show
    • 5:30am
      Devil's Pond

      While honeymooning on a remote island, a newlywed learns that her husband is plotting her death.

    • 7:05am
      Shadow Conspiracy

      An inquisitive reporter teams up with a presidential aide to investigate a sinister plot involving corruption in the White House, prompting a race against time to reveal the truth before assassins silence them. Nerve-jangling thriller, starring Charlie Sheen, Linda Hamilton and Donald Sutherland

    • 8:50am
      The Pledge

      Nevada cop Jack Nicholson is on the verge of retiring when a desperate woman begs him to find whoever's responsible for her seven-year-old daughter's murder. Unable to turn her down, he begins an unofficial investigation, sure that the man his former colleagues suspect is actually innocent - but as he draws closer to the killer, he becomes increasingly obsessed. Acclaimed and incisive thriller with director Sean Penn creating an evocative dark mood to match the slow pace of the tale, co-starring Robin Wright, Benicio Del Toro, Patricia Clarkson and Aaron Eckhart

    • 10:20am
      Cabin Boy

      Madcap comedy, starring Chris Elliott as a spoilt rich kid who gets stuck aboard a ship manned entirely by sour old seadogs who take a dim view of his offbeat antics. It's a bit predictable, but worth a look for anyone in need of a few chuckles. Co-starring Ann Magnuson, Ritch Brinkley and Russ Tamblyn, with a cameo appearance by chat show host David Letterman, and Ricki Lake as the vessel's figurehead

    • 11:45am
      One Good Cop

      A dedicated New York City police detective and his wife take in the three orphaned daughters of his long-time partner on the beat, who was killed in the line of duty. To keep the children out of care, the couple have to find the money for a down-payment to buy a larger home, forcing the desperate cop to turn to crime. Drama, starring Michael Keaton, Anthony LaPaglia, Rene Russo and Kevin Conway

    • 1:30pm

      A disgruntled businessman picks up a seductive hitch-hiker who offers him a share of $2million in return for his services smuggling the loot. Little does he realise that the deal entails tangling with a Mob thugs. Thriller, starring Robert Patrick, Jennifer Esposito and Colm Meany

    • 3:00pm
      Tough Guys

      Entertaining action comedy, starring Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster as ageing ex-convicts struggling to adjust to life in the 1980s. It's not long before boredom and dissatisfaction inspires them to bring a little excitement into their lives - by planning one last major heist. However, they're soon up to their necks in all manner of mayhem. With Charles Durning, Alexis Smith, Eli Wallach and Dana Carvey

    • 4:45pm
      In the Name of the Father

      Jim Sheridan's controversial but impassioned Oscar-nominated drama adapted from the autobiography of Guildford Four member Gerry Conlon, chronicling his tireless efforts to overturn a life sentence imposed for his alleged involvement with the IRA. Daniel Day-Lewis gives a powerful, tormented performance, and the supporting cast includes an emotional Pete Postlethwaite, plus Emma Thompson and John Lynch

    • 7:00pm
      60 Minutes SportsEPISODE: 26

      Peyton and Eli Manning discuss the role that coach David Cutcliffe has played in their careers; bare-knuckle boxing; Formula E racing.

    • 8:00pm
      Dante's Peak

      Geologist Harry Dalton's suspicions that a long-dormant volcano is about to erupt turn out to be true - prompting a race against time to save the lives of townsfolk caught in its lava path. Roger Donaldson's disaster movie, starring Pierce Brosnan, Linda Hamilton, Elizabeth Hoffman and Charles Hallahan.

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