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Friday, August 29 2014
  • Time Show
    • 12:00am
      John Carpenter's The Ward

      An amnesiac woman is committed to a psychiatric hospital after setting fire to a barn in the 1960s. She is haunted by visions of a mysterious shadowy presence and as several of her fellow patients go missing, she realises there is something supernatural haunting the institution and preying on the patients. Horror, with Amber Heard and Lyndsy Fonseca

    • in 7 mins
      Hard Target

      Violent thriller, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as an American merchant sailor whose martial arts skills are tested to the limit as he investigates a group of sadistic hunters who stalk human quarry. It's decent action fare, with an undemanding plot, well-choreographed sequences and explosions galore. But fans of director John Woo were disappointed by this Hollywood debut, which fails to live up to his Hong Kong classics. With Yancy Butler and Lance Henriksen.

    • 3:10am
      Veronica Guerin

      Tense fact-based drama chronicling the life of tenacious crime reporter Veronica Guerin (the always reliable Cate Blanchett), who set out to expose Ireland's crime lords, but ended up paying the ultimate price for her determination to bring them down. The film opens with the journalist's assassination, then traces the events that brought her to this point, as she attempts to establish a link between Dublin's drugs trade and infamous gangster Martin 'The General' Cahill. Instead, she discovers a ruthless conflict between rival criminal factions. Gerard McSorley, Ciarán Hinds and Brenda Fricker co-star, with Colin Farrell as one of Blanchett's informants.

    • 4:50am
      Consenting Adults

      Kevin Kline and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio star in this stylish psychological thriller about a happy couple from the suburbs who have a hard time keeping up with their racy new neighbours. Alan J Pakula's film co-stars Rebecca Miller, Forest Whitaker and EG Marshall, and features an outstanding performance from Kevin Spacey

    • 6:30am

      A young man is torn between his traditional Indo-Canadian family expectations and his dreams of playing hockey.

    • 8:15am
      The Man on the Train

      An aging professor and a secretive traveler he invited into his home become envious of each other's lives.

    • 10:00am

      Butch Cassidy lives in secluded exile in a remote Bolivian village, having survived his supposed last stand. After years away from home, he decides the time has come to return to his family in America, but on the way, he runs into an ambitious young outlaw and is drawn into one last criminal adventure. Western, starring Sam Shepard and Eduardo Noriega

    • 11:45am
      The Color of Money

      Paul Newman gives an Oscar-winning performance in this rapid-fire drama, reprising his acclaimed role in 1961 effort The Hustler as anti-hero Fast Eddie Felson. An encounter with cocky pool player Vincent (Tom Cruise) rekindles Eddie's passion for the game, and he sets about moulding the younger man into the kind of hustler he used to be. But while Vincent slowly immerses himself in the seedier aspects of the game, Eddie begins to discover something of himself in his protege - and he doesn't like what he sees. Martin Scorsese brings his trademark visual style to this sharp-scripted sequel. Also starring Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, John Turturro and Forest Whitaker

    • 1:45pm
      Red RidingSeason 1 Episode 1: 1974

      New series of three interlinking dramas set against the backdrop of the search for the Yorkshire Ripper in the 1970s and 1980s, based on David Peace's Red Riding novels. A rookie journalist attends a press conference where a woman makes an emotional plea for her missing daughter. He soon discovers similarities between the disappearance of two other girls, and becomes determined to investigate the links - only to come up against an increasingly complex web of lies and deceit. Starring Andrew Garfield, Sean Bean, Warren Clarke, Rebecca Hall and David Morrissey. The second film, 1980, can be seen next week

    • 3:35pm
      Red RidingSeason 1 Episode 2: 1980

      The trilogy of dark dramas continues. Leeds, December 1980, and the Ripper's reign of terror has lasted six years, so the Home Office sends in senior Manchester officer Peter Hunter to review the investigation. Convinced his colleagues have been blindsided by the Ripper tapes, Hunter believes the man they are looking for has already been interviewed and dismissed. However, having previously made enemies in the force while dealing with a shooting incident in 1974, Hunter finds himself increasingly isolated. Paddy Considine stars, with Maxine Peake, Tony Pitts, Peter Mullan, Lesley Sharp and David Morrissey

    • 6:30pm

      Secret agent Jean-Claude Van Damme has his birthday celebrations interrupted when he's forced to team up with a sultry cat burglar and leap into action to stop a villain stealing a deadly virus on a high-speed train. However, matters become more complicated when the hero discovers his family are also on board, for a surprise party. Undemanding action adventure, co-starring Laura Harring, Tomas Arana and Van Damme's real-life son, Kristopher Van Varenberg

    • 8:00pm
      Sleeper CellSeason 2 Episode 7: Fitna

      The group prepares to attack the city of LA with two separate dirty bombs, while Darwyn and the FBI make their move to close them down. Hard-hitting drama, focusing on the efforts of a specialist FBI unit to uncover terrorist activities in the USA

    • 9:00pm
      Sleeper CellSeason 2 Episode 8: Reunion

      After blaming himself for Gayle's death and the successful bomb attack carried out by Mina, Darwyn decides to head to Yemen on a dangerous mission to find Farik. Hard-hitting drama, focusing on the efforts of a specialist FBI unit to uncover terrorist activities in the USA. Starring Michael Ealy. Last in series

    • 10:00pm
      LT: The Life and Times

      The tumultuous on and off-field life of NFL player Lawrence Taylor including stories from Taylor, his family, his former teammates and coaches.

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