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Thursday, October 2 2014
  • Time Show
    • 5:05am
      Terminal Velocity

      A skydiving instructor tries to clear himself of the responsibility for a woman dying because her parachute failed to open. However, he later learns she is a KGB spy who faked her own death, and now needs his help to foil an international criminal conspiracy out to steal a fortune in Russian bullion. Action thriller, starring Charlie Sheen, Nastassja Kinski and James Gandolfini

    • in 29 mins

      A 10-year-old boy' is sent by his mother to stay with her best friend and her husband. He soon realises that their marriage has been falling apart since the death of their own son. However, a friendship forged with the local tomboy boosts his confidence, and in time he is able to help the couple come to terms with their loss and rebuild their relationship. Drama, with Melanie Griffith, Don Johnson, Elijah Wood and Thora Birch

    • 9:00am
      Return to Paradise

      Three men take a holiday in Malaysia, and one remains in the country while the others return home. Two years later, they learn their friend has been sentenced to hang for drug trafficking over their shared stash of hashish. They face an agonising choice - they can admit their guilt and risk a lengthy imprisonment, or simply allow him to die. Drama, starring Vince Vaughn, Anne Heche, Joaquin Phoenix, David Conrad and Vera Farmiga

    • 11:00am
      Crossing the Bridge

      Coming-of-age drama set in the 1970s, starring Stephen Baldwin, Josh Charles and Jason Gedrick as pals from very different backgrounds who get involved in drug-running across the American-Canadian border. With Friends star David Schwimmer, Cheryl Pollack and Jeffrey Tambor

    • 12:45pm
      The Last Big Thing

      Victims plot to get back at a Los Angeles media scammer who does insulting interviews and calls it performance art.

    • 2:30pm
      Shadow Conspiracy

      An inquisitive reporter teams up with a presidential aide to investigate a sinister plot involving corruption in the White House, prompting a race against time to reveal the truth before assassins silence them. Nerve-jangling thriller, starring Charlie Sheen, Linda Hamilton and Donald Sutherland

    • 4:15pm
      The Warrior's Way

      A Korean assassin flees to the Wild West after refusing an order to kill a baby. He makes a home for himself and the infant in a small town, but his former masters are still looking for him and he must also use his skills to defend his new friends against a ruthless bandit. Martial arts Western, with Jang Dong-gun, Geoffrey Rush, Kate Bosworth and Danny Huston

    • 6:00pm

      Provocative and disturbing drama following a diverse set of characters brought together by a series of collisions and crimes during a turbulent 36 hours in multicultural Los Angeles. Paul Haggis's Oscar-winning directorial debut is a stark, veracious account of the prejudice and stereotypes that affect modern life. With strong, believable performances by Sandra Bullock, Matt Dillon, Don Cheadle, Thandie Newton and Brendan Fraser.

    • 8:00pm
      Snake Eyes

      A corrupt cop seals off all exits in a casino after the fatal shooting of a US Defence Department bigwig, who was being minded by an old friend of the detective - and, as he frantically searches for the assassin among the 14,000-strong crowd, he realises the daunting scale of the challenge. Thriller from director Brian De Palma, starring Nicolas Cage, Gary Sinise, John Heard and Carla Gugino

    • 9:40pm
      Barb Wire

      A leather-clad bounty hunter becomes a fugitive in a future America torn by civil war. Her DNA is the only cure to a lethal viral disease the fascist government plans to unleash on the population - and whose agents are now on her trail, bent on eliminating her. Meanwhile, she helps rebels to fight the regime and has to decide whether to help an old flame escape the country. Sci-fi thriller, with Pamela Anderson and Jack Noseworthy

    • 11:30pm
      Flirting with Disaster

      The birth of his first child prompts an adopted man to begin a search for his own biological parents. However, he has to contend with several cases of mistaken identity, his adoptive parents' feeling of rejection and his own attraction to a psychology student helping him in his quest. Comedy, starring Ben Stiller, Patricia Arquette, Mary Tyler Moore, Téa Leoni, George Segal, Alan Alda and Lily Tomlin

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