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Wednesday, February 10 2016
  • Time Show
    • 11:00am
      Crazy TalkEPISODE: 113

      Mothers can be helpful to sons in a very peculiar way; defective bounce balls explode; diapers for dogs; twerks that irk.

    • 11:30am
      Crazy TalkEPISODE: 97

      Shock therapy the Steve Harvey way; ghosts, clothes pins and 'The Real Housewives.'

    • 12:30pm

      People who suspect their partners of infidelity get a chance to confront them with hard evidence gleaned by the programme's inquiry team

    • 1:00pm
      Maintain Your Health!

      Superbeets is the easy, affordable and great tasting way to get the nutrition you need to build stamina, circulation, and energy.

    • 1:30pm
      Bosley Hair Restoration

      Learn about BOSLEY'S permanent and natural-looking hair restoration solution. Find out why hundreds of thousands of men and women have chosen Bosley for hair restoration. Get the information you need to get started.

    • 3:00pm
      Rules of EngagementSeason 5 Episode 10: Fun Run

      Jeff asks his colleagues to sponsor Audrey in a 10k charity run, but struggles to raise funds having previously refused their own appeals for donations. Meanwhile, Russell is disturbed when a potential love-interest seems to be using a set of strangely familiar tactics to get rid of him

    • 3:30pm
      Rules of EngagementSeason 2 Episode 8: Fix-Up and Downs

      Jennifer and Audrey practise their matchmaking skills but end up without dates, while Adam and Jeff gain financially. Russell falls in love with a woman he catches a glimpse of at Adam and Jeff's office. Comedy, starring David Spade, Patrick Warburton and Oliver Hudson

    • 6:00pm
      American Dad!Season 11 Episode 4: Blonde Ambition

      Hayley decides to dye her hair blonde in a bid to get more attention, while Stan and Steve try to find a new home for the family. Animated comedy about a man who works for the CIA, voiced by Seth MacFarlane

    • 6:30pm
      American Dad!Season 8 Episode 10: Wheels & the Legman

      Stan joins Roger and Steve's fictional detective agency, but proves to be surprisingly incompetent at his imaginary job. An infuriated Roger orders Steve to fire him - but the youngster cannot bring himself to do it. Animated comedy, with the voice of Seth MacFarlane

    • 7:00pm
      Family GuySeason 5 Episode 13: Bill and Peter's Bogus Journey

      Peter is upset to learn that Lois has slept with his new friend Bill Clinton and decides to retaliate by having an affair of his own - but soon realises that he loves her too much to ever be unfaithful. Meanwhile, Lois and Stewie try to potty-train Brian

    • 8:00pm
      ArrowSins of the Father

      Oliver receives a difficult-to-refuse offer from Nyssa; Thea resists the blood lust; Malcolm tries to help his daughter; Laurel opens up to Nyssa.

    • 9:00pm
      SupernaturalLove Hurts

      While investigating a set of murders on Valentine's Day, Sam and Dean find they are dealing with an ancient curse that causes victims, once kissed by it, to die.

    • 10:00pm
      SeinfeldSeason 3 Episode 17: The Boyfriend : Part One

      In an double-length episode, Jerry tries to impress his baseball hero Keith Hernandez, who is infatuated with Elaine. Kramer and Newman have a score to settle with the baseball star, and George tells a lie to keep his unemployment money coming in - but finds a different approach is needed

    • 10:30pm
      SeinfeldSeason 7 Episode 13: The Seven

      When George meets Susan's cousins he reveals to them that he wants to call his first child Seven, but they like it that much they end up stealing his idea. Jerry's girlfriend arouses curiosity when she turns up in the same clothes for every date

    • 11:00pm
      Cougar TownSeason 5 Episode 3: Depending on You

      Grayson receives a wedding invitation that conflicts with his roller-hockey finals, while the gang discovers Tom has created a model of the neighbourhood with eerily lifelike dolls

    • 11:30pm
      Cougar TownSeason 2 Episode 9: When the Time Comes

      Grayson tells Jules how happy he is in their relationship after bumping into his ex-wife, but when she lets slip she loves him and receives a less than adequate response, she sets out to create the perfect Thanksgiving so he will say it back. Meanwhile, Ellie and Laurie try to dampen Andy's spirits and prove that the glass is not always half full

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