HBO 2 HD (Pacific) Schedule

HBO 2 HD (Pacific)

HBO 2 HD (Pacific) TV Schedule

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Saturday, October 10 2015
  • Time Show
    • in 12 mins

      After being shot with a bullet covered in radioactive material, AI scientist Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) strives to achieve his goal of ensuring computers have the emotions and capabilities of a human brain before his imminent death

    • 7:20am
      John Carpenter's Escape From L.A.

      The fascist U.S. president enlists a jailed war hero to retrieve a top-secret device stolen by his daughter on island Los Angeles in 2013.

    • 9:05am
      The Martian: HBO First Look

      Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain star in the action-adventure film about an astronaut who must survive after being left behind during a mission to Mars.

    • 9:25am
      Blades of Glory

      After their intense rivalry results in a brawl, bad boy figure skater Chazz Michael Michaels and his effeminate arch enemy Jimmy MacElroy are banned from the sport. However, the pair find a loophole that will enable them to enter the world championships as the first ever same-sex pair - if they can put aside their differences long enough to compete. Comedy, starring Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Will Arnett and Amy Poehler

    • 1:30pm
      Into The Storm

      The town of Silverton is struck by numerous deadly tornadoes which is documented by storm trackers and the town's residents. Action thriller starring Richard Armitage.

    • 3:00pm
      The KnickSeason 1 Episode 1: Method and Madness

      Medical drama set in 1900 following the professional and personal lives of the staff of New York's Knickerbocker Hospital. Dr John Thackery has just been appointed chief of surgery and aspires to achieve the seemingly impossible in the operating theatre, despite a worsening addiction to cocaine and opium, while he is also reluctant to take on black doctor Algernon Edwards as his assistant at the request of benefactor Cornelia Robertson. Directed by Steven Soderbergh and starring Clive Owen, Juliet Rylance and Andre Holland

    • 4:00pm
      The KnickSeason 1 Episode 2: Mr. Paris Shoes

      Thackery sends Barrow to find extra cadavers so that he and his team can carry out their experimental procedures, while Edwards creates a makeshift clinic in the hospital's basement to treat the black patients the hospital is turning away. Cornelia tackles a devastating typhoid outbreak and Sister Harriet breaks a taboo. Medical drama, starring Clive Owen

    • 4:50pm
      The KnickSeason 1 Episode 3: The Busy Flea

      Thackery is reunited with an old flame who has been infected with syphilis by her philandering husband. The doc agrees to perform drastic reconstructive surgery on her face, but when it comes to operating on a child with typhoid, he refuses to take the risk, despite Cornelia's pleas. Meanwhile, Algernon secretly converts the coal room into a space for clandestine procedures

    • 5:45pm
      The KnickSeason 1 Episode 4: Where's the Dignity?

      Algernon makes a risky move in the hope of getting on to the surgical team, and Lucy follows Thackery into Chinatown, where she discovers a secret about his personal life. Meanwhile, public health inspector Joe causes insult with his inquiry into how typhoid is affecting the city's well-to-do, and Cornelia looks forward to her fiance's return

    • 6:45pm
      The KnickSeason 1 Episode 5: They Capture the Heat

      Barrow uses the hospital for his own devices when Collier brings in one his of thugs for treatment, with Thackery being reluctantly enlisted to attend to the man's wounded leg. Algernon continues to treat patients secretly in the basement and tries to persuade a man with a severe hernia to let him perform a pioneering operation that he has never successfully completed before. Cleary and Sister Harriet's new business partnership gets off to an auspicious start, and a policeman presents Barrow with a revenue-raising opportunity

    • 7:35pm
      The KnickSeason 1 Episode 6: Start Calling Me Dad

      Thackery and Bertie develop a new method to reduce the bleeding during a caesarean section. Cornelia makes positive strides toward stopping the typhoid outbreak when she tracks down its source. However, she is upset to learn her fiance expects her to give up work once they're married, and questions her engagement. Clive Owen, Michael Angarano and Juliet Rylance star

    • 8:30pm
      The KnickSeason 1 Episode 7: Get the Rope

      New York City simmers with racial tension when a corrupt policeman is rushed to the Knick after being stabbed by a black man who was defending his girlfriend. When the hospital takes in the victims of retaliatory assaults by white thugs, the corridors are overrun by hot-headed hooligans vying for blood, leaving Thackery and Algernon to try to find a way of protecting their patients and themselves. Cornelia offers her support, but Barrow is more concerned about his mistress's safety. Medical drama set in 1900, starring Clive Owen

    • 9:15pm
      The KnickSeason 1 Episode 8: Working Late a Lot

      Thackery hits rock bottom when his supply of cocaine dries up, coinciding with a New York Surgical Society event where he's due to present his pioneering work. The attendance of a rival triggers his paranoia, causing the surgeon to make a reckless move. Meanwhile, Bertie tries to convince a judge that asymptomatic carriers of diseases do exist and Typhoid Mary should be kept in quarantine, and Barrow sinks to a new low to raise funds for the hospital

    • 10:15pm
      The KnickSeason 1 Episode 9: The Golden Lotus

      Desperate for a fix, Thackery takes drastic action that leads to his drug addiction becoming common knowledge. Barrow does his best to limit the damage and goes to Collier for cocaine, but it is Lucy who makes the biggest sacrifice to get the surgeon what he craves. Cornelia discovers she's pregnant with Algernon's child, while Eleanor's mental health rapidly deteriorates and she becomes convinced her adopted baby is also infected

    • 11:00pm
      The KnickSeason 1 Episode 10: Crutchfield

      Thackery refuses to collaborate with Dr Zinberg and goes into direct competition with his rival as he obsesses over being the first to identify the different blood groups. Cornelia turns to Cleary in her moment of need, the board members decide to take extreme measures when they meet to discuss the hospital's future and Barrow takes drastic action as he tries to get himself out of debt. Thackery's efforts to complete the first blood transfusion lead to tragedy as his addiction gets further out of hand, prompting Lucy and Bertie to vow to help him before it's too late. Medical drama set in 1900, starring Clive Owen

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