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Sunday, February 1 2015
  • Time Show
    • 31 mins ago
      Return to Me

      Bereaved architect David Duchovny struggles to come to terms with the loss of his wife - but a year later, suddenly falls head over heels in love with shy waitress Minnie Driver. Little does he suspect she's actually the transplant patient who received his spouse's heart in a life-saving operation. Slightly obvious romantic comedy, which relies on moments of tear-jerking emotion and good-natured humour to rescue it from sentimentality. Carroll O'Connor, Joely Richardson, Robert Loggia and Jim Belushi also star

    • 3:45am
      Pride and Prejudice

      Jane Austen's popular novel, describing the affairs of the late 18th-century British upper classes, is brought to the screen again, in this polished adaptation from director Joe Wright. Oscar-nominee Keira Knightley stars as the sharp-witted Elizabeth Bennet, one of five sisters whose mother (Brenda Blethyn) is determined should find suitable husbands. The arrival of a wealthy gentleman and his circle of friends in a nearby mansion leads Elizabeth to meet the stubborn Mr Darcy (Matthew Macfadyen), to whom she takes an instant dislike. An unexpected romance eventually develops, but one complication after another threatens to keep them apart. Costume drama, also starring Donald Sutherland and Judi Dench

    • 11:00am
      Rio 2

      Blu, Jewel and their three kids travel to the wilds of the Amazon in this sequel to the hugely successful 2011 film Rio. With voices of Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway and Jamie Foxx

    • 12:45pm
      Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

      Charlie Bucket is a young boy from a poor but loving family. He unexpectedly becomes one of five children to find a golden ticket in a chocolate bar, securing his place on a once-in-a-lifetime tour of a magical sweet factory run by the reclusive Willy Wonka. But when the other winners - greedy Augustus Gloop, rich girl Veruca Salt, competitive Violet Beauregarde and video game addict Mike Teavee - begin to display their darker sides, they each meet their match inside the sugar-coated empire. Tim Burton's scrumptious adaptation of Roald Dahl's tale, featuring a funny, childlike performance from Johnny Depp. With Freddie Highmore, Helena Bonham Carter and Deep Roy as every single Oompa Loompa

    • 2:40pm
      Gold Diggers: The Secret of Bear Mountain

      A girl and her recently widowed mother leave their Los Angeles home for a small town, where the youngster soon becomes friends with a local tomboy. The pair head off to the mountains in search of a legendary cache of treasure : unaware they have a competitor. Adventure, starring Christina Ricci, Anna Chlumsky, Polly Draper, Brian Kerwin and Diana Scarwid

    • 4:15pm

      Ridley Scott's stylised fantasy set in a magical land of elves and wizardry. Tom Cruise is good-looking but bland as a peasant boy who takes his innocent sweetheart to see the few remaining unicorns. However, their romantic adventure is cut short by the advances of an evil demon (Tim Curry, doing his panto villain routine from beneath spectacular make-up) who plots to use the girl to wreak devastation upon the world. Mia Sara co-stars as the pretty princess

    • 5:45pm
      The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

      The Sesame Street regular embarks on a search for his missing blue blanket - a quest that takes him to a bizarre faraway land and teaches him the value of sharing. Children's adventure, featuring a host of learning exercises and fun songs which should keep younger viewers entertained. With the voices of Kevin Clash, Mandy Patinkin, Vanessa L Williams and Sonia Manzano

    • 7:00pm
      Rio 2

      Blu, Jewel and their three kids travel to the wilds of the Amazon in this sequel to the hugely successful 2011 film Rio. With voices of Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway and Jamie Foxx

    • 8:45pm
      The Big Apple Circus

      Commemorating the 15th anniversary of 'The Big Apple Circus,' this show features highlights from a 1990 performance capturing the thrill and romance of the classic one-ring circus.

    • 9:15pm
      Stuart Little

      An American couple decide their son needs a brother, and plan to adopt another child - but when they get to the orphanage they are greeted by a charming young mouse named Stuart who fits the bill perfectly. However, it takes a while for him to settle in - not least thanks to the resident cat, who is less than thrilled with the situation. Endearing comedy adventure, starring Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie, with Michael J Fox providing the voice of the mischievous mouse

    • 10:45pm
      Baggage Claim

      A single woman tracks down old boyfriends to find a potential husband. Comedy starring Paula Patton, Adam Brody and Taye Diggs.

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