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Encore Suspense (Pacific)

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Friday, October 31 2014
  • Time Show
    • 45 mins ago
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/88/247345_hellraiser_hellworld__27_x_40_movie_poster__style_a.jpg
      Hellraiser: Hellworld

      Evil Pinhead and his minions torment a group of teens obsessed with cyberspace.

    • 7:00am
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/88/203677_the_devils_backbone__11_x_17_movie_poster__style_b.jpg
      The Devil's Backbone

      A youngster at an orphanage is terrified by the apparition of a small boy which repeatedly appears, bringing dire warnings of death and destruction. Haunting psychological thriller, set during the final years of the Spanish Civil War, and laden with spine-chilling touches. Directed by Guillermo del Toro, the man behind Hellboy and Blade II, and starring Marisa Paredes, Eduardo Noriega, Fernando Tielve and Federico Luppi

    • 8:50am
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/88/193900_cape_fear__11_x_17_movie_poster__style_a.jpg
      Cape Fear

      A psychopathic rapist is released from prison after 14 years, and plots revenge on the defence attorney he blames for his imprisonment. Subjecting the lawyer and his family to a terrifying campaign of intimidation, he uses his knowledge of the law to keep himself untouchable. Martin Scorsese's thriller remake, starring Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte, Jessica Lange and Juliette Lewis, with cameo appearances by Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum and Martin Balsam, who all appeared in the 1962 original

    • 11:00am
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/88/187269_hellraiser__11_x_17_movie_poster__style_a.jpg

      A cruel man is sucked into a world of sadistic demons by a magical Chinese puzzle box. He escapes and turns to a former lover, now married to his brother, for help restoring himself fully to life. As she seduces and kills men so he can absorb their body parts, his niece encounters his nightmarish captors. Clive Barker's horror, starring Andrew Robinson, Clare Higgins, Ashley Laurence, Sean Chapman and Doug Bradley

    • 12:35pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/45/11315_hellbound_hellraiser_ii.jpg
      Hellbound: Hellraiser II

      Young heroine Kirsty is sent down into the labyrinths of Hell to rescue her father from the demonic Cenobites, putting an end to the fiendish plans of her monstrous stepmother and a crazed London brain surgeon. Horror sequel, starring Ashley Laurence, Clare Higgins, Kenneth Cranham and Imogen Boorman

    • 2:20pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/88/247339_hellraiser_3_hell_on_earth__11_x_17_movie_poster__style_a.jpg
      Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth

      Horror sequel. Terry Farrell plays a news reporter locked in a desperate battle with the evil Pinhead, who has taken to plucking victims from a nightclub. Also starring Paula Marshall, Kevin Bernhardt and Doug Bradley

    • 4:00pm
    • http://p.static-locatetv.com/movie/hellraiser-bloodline/mid/placeholder.png
      Hellraiser: Bloodline

      In the 18th century, a toymaker creates the sinister puzzle box that lies at the heart of the long-running horror series, unwittingly opening the gates of hell. Ever since, his descendants have attempted to undo his mistake, and aboard a space station in the year 2127, the last in the bloodline may have finally accomplished his goal - . if the demonic cenobites don't stop him. Grisly shocker, the fourth installment in the franchise - and the one in which quality control curled up and died for good. With Bruce Ramsay and Valentina Vargas, with Doug Bradley reprising his role as the villainous Pinhead

    • 5:30pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/88/224119_hellraiser__inferno__11_x_17_movie_poster__style_a.jpg
      Hellraiser: Inferno

      A crooked LA cop on the hunt for a serial killer stumbles across a mysterious puzzle box - and inadvertently releases the Cenobites from the fiery depths of Hell, leaving him struggling to figure out a way of sending them back again. Horror sequel, starring Craig Sheffer, Nicholas Turturro and Doug Bradley.

    • 8:45pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/88/214328_hellraiser_deader__11_x_17_movie_poster__style_a.jpg
      Hellraiser: Deader

      A reporter investigates an underground group that can resurrect the dead, much to Pinhead's dismay.

    • 10:20pm
    • http://j.static-locatetv.com/images/content/mid/88/247345_hellraiser_hellworld__27_x_40_movie_poster__style_a.jpg
      Hellraiser: Hellworld

      Evil Pinhead and his minions torment a group of teens obsessed with cyberspace.

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