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Tuesday, July 7 2015
  • Time Show
    • 3:30pm
      American Dad!Season 6 Episode 4: Brains, Brains and Automobiles

      When Steve and Hayley go away for the summer and Roger moves out after Francine teaches him to be self-sufficient, Stan creates a scheme to have the alien move back home due to him fearing his wife will leave him when she realises how boring he is

    • 4:30pm
      American Dad!Season 6 Episode 6: Shallow Vows

      Francine decides to drop her beauty regimen ahead of her 20th wedding anniversary, hoping to determine whether Stan loves her for more than her looks. However, the spy becomes upset that his wife has started to let herself go, and resorts to drastic measures when she asks him to renew their marital vows

    • 5:30pm
      Family GuySeason 10 Episode 12: Livin' on a Prayer

      Lois discovers Stewie's new best friend has fallen ill, and goes to the hospital to visit the boy. While there, she discovers the youngster's condition is critical, but his parents are refusing treatment due to their beliefs. Determined to save the lad's life, she takes drastic action to ensure he receives the care he needs. Meanwhile, Peter has a religious experience

    • 6:00pm
      ClippedSeason 1 Episode 1: Pilot

      A.J. believes he found his lucky break when a sports agent wants to meet with him. Meanwhile, the barbershop owner is determined to fire one of his employees to avoid paying an insurance premium increase.

    • 6:30pm
      ClippedSeason 1 Episode 2: Dreamers

      Danni tells A.J. he should give up on his baseball dream; A.J. inspires Danni to pursue her passion for singing; how cheap Ben can be.

    • 7:00pm
      ClippedSeason 1 Episode 3: Go Below

      Ben is embarrassed of his one-night stand, only to find out she thinks he is below her stature; Danni is suspicious that A.J. and Charmaine are getting close.

    • 8:00pm
      SeinfeldSeason 3 Episode 4: The Dog

      Jerry is in charge of a troublesome dog and is stuck in his apartment, which leaves George and Elaine stranded together with very little in common.

    • 8:30pm
      SeinfeldSeason 3 Episode 3: The Pen

      Elaine agrees to accompany Jerry on a visit to his parents - but Jerry gets into an argument about a pen and Elaine has concerns over the accommodation

    • 9:00pm
      SeinfeldSeason 5 Episode 16: The Stand-In

      Kramer is hired to appear in a popular soap opera, but ruins the occasion by giving questionable advice to a midget co-star. Meanwhile, George gets confused about his girlfriend

    • 9:30pm
      SeinfeldSeason 7 Episode 23: The Wait Out

      Jerry and Elaine (Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus) get a chance for romance after George's (Jason Alexander) comment to a couple (Debra Messing, Cary Elwes) leads to a breakup.

    • 10:00pm
      SeinfeldSeason 8 Episode 19: Yada Yada

      Kramer and Mickey have trouble picking who they prefer when they go on a double date, and George is irritated by his new girlfriend's constant use of a phrase. Jerry is convinced his dentist has converted to Judaism just so he can tell Jewish jokes, while Elaine is asked by friends to give them a character reference for an adoption agency. Guest starring Jill St John and Robert Wagner

    • 10:30pm
      SeinfeldSeason 9 Episode 16: The Burning

      Kramer and Mickey are hired by a medical school to feign illness, George learns how to make a graceful exit after telling a good joke, and Elaine makes a shocking discovery when she borrows her boyfriend's car. Hit American comedy, starring Jerry Seinfeld

    • 11:00pm
      The Big Bang TheorySeason 2 Episode 13: The Friendship Algorithm

      Sheldon decides to put his formidable brain power to use in formulating a scientific procedure for making friends. However, to prove his findings, he must first win the trust of fellow scientist Barry Kripe to gain access to his powerful computer. Comedy, starring Jim Parsons and John Ross Bowie

    • 11:30pm
      The Big Bang TheorySeason 2 Episode 14: The Financial Permeability

      Penny runs into money troubles, so Sheldon offers to lend her some cash to help her pay the rent. However, when Leonard discovers that his neighbour's former boyfriend Kurt is the cause of her financial woes, he gathers the gang for a confrontation. Starring Jim Parsons, Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco

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