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Friday, September 4 2015
  • Time Show
    • in 27 mins
      Rules of EngagementSeason 5 Episode 23: The Power Couple

      Jeff feels threatened by Audrey's salary increase, leading to a power struggle between them. Russell is disappointed to learn Liz is dating Todd and makes Tim follow Todd to discover why she has chosen him. Jen and Adam make the most of the situation when a waiter believes he is proposing to her

    • 9:30am
      Rules of EngagementSeason 5 Episode 24: The Last of the Red Hat Lovers

      Russell takes a holiday cruise believing it to be a hive of beautiful women, only to find out there are only old ladies aboard. Jeff and Audrey stay in his flat while he is away, but soon get into a massive quarrel that only finishes when Timmy uses CCTV footage to help resolve their disagreement

    • 10:30am
      Married - With ChildrenSeason 3 Episode 13: Can't Dance, Don't Ask Me

      Kelly is faced with the choice of getting kicked out of school or joining the tap dance club : so she takes to the stage and gives the audience a display of dirty dancing that leaves the women outraged and the men's pulses racing. Comedy, starring Christina Applegate

    • 1:00pm
      The King of QueensSeason 8 Episode 2: Vocal Discord

      When Doug and Carrie accidentally tape one of their arguments and play it back, they decide marriage counselling might be in order. To make things worse, Arthur gets hold of it and they become entertainment for a senior citizens' group. With Kevin James and Leah Remini

    • 3:30pm
      The Cleveland ShowSeason 4 Episode 6: 'Tis the Cleveland to Be Sorry

      Donna insists the family helps at the homeless shelter at Christmas, but Cleveland is surprised to find the food there is better than what he eats at home. Meanwhile, Roberta is hired as an elf at a department store, but her chauvinistic employer requires her and other female employees to wear skimpy outfits

    • 4:00pm
      American Dad!Season 5 Episode 6: Pulling Double Booty

      Hayley splits up with her boyfriend Jeff and ends up falling for Stan's CIA body double, who in turn starts flirting with Francine. Meanwhile, Steve rescues chickens from a slurry factory. Animated comedy, featuring the voices of Seth MacFarlane and Scott Grimes

    • 5:00pm
      American Dad!Season 5 Episode 8: Chimdale

      Steve discovers he has back trouble and is forced to wear an unsightly brace. He refuses to attend school - until he discovers Stan has an embarrassing problem of his own. Meanwhile, Roger sneaks Hayley into a high-end spa, securing the attentions of an in-house detective

    • 5:30pm
      American Dad!Season 5 Episode 9: Stan Time

      Stan is given pills by a colleague that enable him to stay awake all night so he can spend more time enjoying his hobbies, but when Francine discovers his nocturnal activities, she wants to join him. Meanwhile, Steve and Roger try to write a script for a pornographic film

    • 6:00pm
      New GirlSeason 2 Episode 5: Models

      Cece is unable to fulfil a modelling assignment at a car show after spending a wild night with her friends, so Jess has to stand in for her. Meanwhile, the boys question what defines male friendship after Schmidt buys Nick a cookie but he fails to show any appreciation. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield and Hannah Simone

    • 6:30pm
      New GirlSeason 2 Episode 6: Halloween

      Nick prepares for a visit from Amelia, a girl he had a crush on at college. Jess acquires a job at a haunted house for Halloween, and decides to invite Sam along to tell him she would like them to be more than friends. Comedy, starring Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield and Hannah Simone

    • 8:30pm
      FriendsSeason 4 Episode 21: The One with the Invitation

      As invitations go out for Ross's wedding, the groom-to-be reminisces with Rachel about the good times they had when they were dating. Meanwhile, the friends work out whether they can attend the ceremony. Comedy, starring David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston

    • 9:00pm
      SeinfeldSeason 4 Episode 7: The Bubble Boy

      Jerry reluctantly agrees to visit one of his most ardent fans en route to upstate New York, but George's ineptitude turns the trip into a farce. US comedy, starring Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander

    • 10:00pm
      SeinfeldSeason 4 Episode 9: The Opera

      The three friends go to see Pavarotti at the opera - unaware Elaine has unwittingly invited along a man who has already assaulted Kramer and is now determined to take out his frustrations on Jerry. Comedy, starring Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Michael Richards

    • 10:30pm
      SeinfeldSeason 4 Episode 10: The Virgin

      Jerry finds out a woman he once dated is still a virgin, so Elaine takes it upon herself to give her the low-down on men. Comedy, starring Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander

    • 11:00pm
      Family GuySeason 3 Episode 19: Stuck Together, Torn Apart

      Peter is mortified to find out Lois is meeting an old boyfriend and struggles to contain his jealousy. Meanwhile, when Brian and Stewie are accidentally stuck together with strong industrial adhesive, the pair are forced to hold hands and spend all their time together

    • 11:30pm
      Family GuySeason 3 Episode 20: Road to Europe

      Stewie sets off for England to seek refuge in his favourite TV show, but ends up taking a detour to Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, Lois embarrasses Peter at a rock concert. With the guest voices of rock band Kiss

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