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Saturday, July 26 2014
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    • 24 mins ago
      FuturamaSeason 5 Episode 4: Bender's Big Score Part 4

      Part four of four. The aliens persuade President Nixon to relinquish control of the planet, freeing the invaders to command all human beings to leave Earth. Meanwhile, Fry and the gang are forced to take refuge on Neptune before working up the courage to fight back

    • 3:52pm
      FuturamaSeason 5 Episode 6: Beast with a Billion Backs - Part Two

      Part two of four. President Nixon chooses not to listen to Professors Farnsworth and Wernstrom when they discover the anomaly destroys electrical devices and orders offensive action. Bender is inducted into the League of Robots after becoming Calculon's official stalker, while a heartbroken Fry decides to leave the universe

    • 4:22pm
      FuturamaSeason 5 Episode 7: Beast With a Billion Backs - Part Three

      Part three of four. Monster Yivo uses a tentacle to control Fry as it dominates the Earth and makes him the messenger, but when the invader announces its good intentions Leela searches for an ulterior motive. Meanwhile, Bender becomes disillusioned with the League of Robots

    • 4:52pm
      FuturamaSeason 5 Episode 5/6/7/8: Beast with a Billion Backs

      Feature-length episode. A planet-sized tentacled alien from another universe takes over the Earth and uses its ability to control Fry to command an entire religion. Fry then tries to persuade the inhabitants of Earth to abandon the planet and live in a pseudo-heaven, leaving the robots of the world to inherit it

    • 5:23pm
      FuturamaSeason 5 Episode 9: Bender's Game - Part One

      Part one of four. Bender becomes addicted to Dungeons & Dragons, and starts to believe he is really a character from the game - causing him to be committed to a robot asylum. Meanwhile, Leela enters a demolition derby against the wishes of Prof Farnsworth, who punishes her by fitting a collar that administers an electric shock in response to inappropriate thoughts

    • 5:53pm
      FuturamaSeason 5 Episode 10: Bender's Game - Part Two

      Part two of four. Mom makes an official announcement about the dark matter shortage, but privately assures her son that the crisis is merely a money-making scam. Farnsworth's history with Mom is revealed, and he claims to have a crystal to render dark matter useless - but cannot remember where he left it

    • 6:23pm
      FuturamaSeason 5 Episode 11: Bender's Game - Part Three

      Part three of four. Fry and the gang are sucked into Bender's alternative reality, where Leela turns into a centaur, and Farnsworth becomes the Great Wizard of Grayfarn. On their mission to destroy the anti-crystal, they finally make their way to the Cave of Hopelessness, where they come up against a marauding band of enemies

    • 6:53pm
      FuturamaSeason 5 Episode 12: Bender's Game - Part Four

      Part four of four. The gang does battle with the Tunnelling Horror and Fry continues on his mission to eradicate the anti-crystal, but is soon drawn to its promise of power. In a face-off with Mom, he transforms into a dragon and finds the secret weapon to finish the job once and for all

    • 7:24pm
      FuturamaSeason 5 Episode 13: The Wild Green Yonder - Part One

      Part one of four. The Planet Express crew travels to Mars Vegas to visit Amy's parents' new casino, but when everyone arrives they are confronted by an eco-feminist group staging a protest. Amy's father defuses the situation by causing an explosion, during which Fry is knocked unconscious, and when he awakes he discovers he can hear people's thoughts

    • 7:54pm
      FuturamaSeason 5 Episode 14: The Wild Green Yonder - Part Two

      Part two of four. Leela makes a stand when she discovers the Wongs are planning to build the world's largest miniature golf course with a black 18th hole, which will result in the destruction of innocent life forms. Elsewhere, Fry is kidnapped by a homeless man who takes him to the Great Hall of the Ancient Legion of Mad Fellows

    • 8:55pm
      FuturamaSeason 5 Episode 16: The Wild Green Yonder - Part Four

      Part four of four. Hutch takes Fry to an abandoned cavern, where he meets the Grand Curator. He is sent on a mission to prevent the destruction of the dwarf star by finding a substance called green chi, which is located within the endangered star system

    • 9:58pm
      South ParkSeason 7 Episode 10: Grey Dawn

      The boys are spurred into action to save the good citizens of South Park when pensioners cause motorway mayhem. Adult animation, with the voices of Trey Parker and Matt Stone

    • 10:29pm
      South ParkSeason 8 Episode 5: Awesom-O

      Cartman dresses up as a Japanese robot and delivers himself to Butters in an attempt to make fun of the unpopular boy. His plan seems to be working when he learns a few embarrassing secrets, but things take a downturn when their mothers arrange to send the pair to Los Angeles

    • 11:00pm
      South ParkSeason 9 Episode 2: Die Hippie, Die

      Cartman begins a door-to-door service offering to rid the town of hippies and starts kidnapping them and holding them in his basement, but before long he is found out and arrested. The mayor then commissions a concert to be held in celebration of hippie culture, but they overrun the town, prompting the boys to pull together to have the rampaging renegades removed

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