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Wednesday, January 28 2015
  • Time Show
    • 1:54pm
      South ParkSeason 6 Episode 9: Free Hat

      The boys go on a crusade to save movies from directors who want to improve them, while the rest of the town campaign to free a convicted baby-killer

    • 2:25pm
      Without a Paddle: Nature's Calling

      A laid-back nursing home employee agrees to find an old woman's long-lost granddaughter - who, it turns out, is the girl his best friend has pined for since his schooldays. The pair embark on a perilous river journey to find the missing girl, with her snooty British cousin along for the ride. Comedy sequel, starring Kristopher Turner, Oliver James and Rik Young

    • 4:56pm
      South ParkSeason 1 Episode 3: Weight Gain 4000

      Cartman wins a national essay-writing contest but does not remember what he wrote about. He tries to build muscle for the ceremony using a weight-gain drink - but ends up looking even more flabby than usual

    • 5:26pm
      South ParkSeason 6 Episode 3: Freak Strike

      The boys arrange for Butters to appear on a talk show as a grossly disfigured individual, while Cartman tries to get in on the action, persuading his mother he should be on TV too

    • 5:56pm
      South ParkSeason 8 Episode 11: Quest for Ratings

      The elementary school launches a closed circuit television network, and the boys choose to produce a news bulletin. However, apathy about current affairs leads to poor ratings and the programme is scrapped - until Cartman comes up with a rescue plan

    • 6:27pm
      South ParkSeason 2 Episode 10: Chickenpox

      The children seek revenge on their parents for deliberately exposing them to the chickenpox virus - even though their misguided mums and dads had their offsprings' best interests at heart

    • 7:28pm
      South ParkSeason 9 Episode 2: Die Hippie, Die

      Cartman begins a door-to-door service offering to rid the town of hippies and starts kidnapping them and holding them in his basement, but before long he is found out and arrested. The mayor then commissions a concert to be held in celebration of hippie culture, but they overrun the town, prompting the boys to pull together to have the rampaging renegades removed

    • 7:58pm
      FuturamaSeason 6 Episode 25: Overclockwise

      Farnsworth tweaks Bender's processor to win a video-game battle, but it backfires when the robot ends up being boosted into a god-like entity capable of ingesting so much information he can predict the future. Meanwhile, Leela's relationship with Fry takes a turn for the worse, so she decides to leave the Planet Express crew and start afresh elsewhere

    • 8:28pm
      FuturamaSeason 6 Episode 26: Reincarnation

      A trio of tales presented in alternating animated styles. The first - Colorama - parodies 1940s black and white cartoons, the second - Futurama Challenge 3000 - drops Fry and the gang into an old school video game and the concluding segment - Action Delivery Force - imitates Japanese anime as the crew do battle with dancing aliens

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