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Sunday, November 23 2014
  • Time Show
    • 11:00am
      Hit & Run

      A getaway driver for a gang of bank robbers starts a new life in the witness protection program. When his girlfriend gets a job in Los Angeles, he drives her there even though it means breaking cover - and soon finds the criminals he betrayed are on his trail. Comedy, starring and co-directed by Dax Shepard. With Kristen Bell and Bradley Cooper

    • 1:22pm
      Without a Paddle

      Three friends embark on a canoeing trip in honour of a late, lamented pal - but their break ends up being far from relaxing, with a perilous river and deranged mountain men conspiring to ensure the experience goes horribly - and hilariously - wrong. Irritating and tedious comedy, starring Seth Green, Matthew Lillard and Dax Shepard, alongside old hand Burt Reynolds, retreading Deliverance territory

    • 3:29pm

      A passionate but incompetent basketball coach learns that the league he's playing in has collapsed and only the four best teams will be carried over to the new league. While his side languishes at the bottom of the heap, he is determined to get them to fourth place, and recruits an ageing star player to turn their fortunes around. Seventies-set comedy, with Will Ferrell and Woody Harrelson

    • 5:30pm

      A Hollywood has-been actor signs up for a remake of the popular 1960s sitcom about a housewife with magical powers, on the condition that his co-star is an unknown actress. He persuades the studio to hire a beguiling woman from the suburbs when he sees her audition for the role - unaware she really is a witch. Romantic fantasy comedy, with Nicole Kidman, Will Ferrell, Shirley MacLaine and Michael Caine

    • 7:53pm
      Key & PeeleSeason 4 Episode 2: EPISODE: 2

      Sketches include a parole officer uses a puppet to bond with a parolee; a man in a neck brace attempts to party; a soldier has an emotional reunion with his family.

    • 9:25pm
      Key & PeeleSeason 4 Episode 9: Aerobics Meltdown

      Sketches include Stan Lee pitches some new superheroes; a guy loses his reputation when he experiences a brain freeze; a man develops a complex mnemonic device to remember where he parked.

    • 9:55pm
      FuturamaSeason 5 Episode 9: Bender's Game - Part One

      Part one of four. Bender becomes addicted to Dungeons & Dragons, and starts to believe he is really a character from the game - causing him to be committed to a robot asylum. Meanwhile, Leela enters a demolition derby against the wishes of Prof Farnsworth, who punishes her by fitting a collar that administers an electric shock in response to inappropriate thoughts

    • 10:25pm
      FuturamaSeason 5 Episode 10: Bender's Game - Part Two

      Part two of four. Mom makes an official announcement about the dark matter shortage, but privately assures her son that the crisis is merely a money-making scam. Farnsworth's history with Mom is revealed, and he claims to have a crystal to render dark matter useless - but cannot remember where he left it

    • 10:55pm
      FuturamaSeason 5 Episode 11: Bender's Game - Part Three

      Part three of four. Fry and the gang are sucked into Bender's alternative reality, where Leela turns into a centaur, and Farnsworth becomes the Great Wizard of Grayfarn. On their mission to destroy the anti-crystal, they finally make their way to the Cave of Hopelessness, where they come up against a marauding band of enemies

    • 11:26pm
      FuturamaSeason 5 Episode 12: Bender's Game - Part Four

      Part four of four. The gang does battle with the Tunnelling Horror and Fry continues on his mission to eradicate the anti-crystal, but is soon drawn to its promise of power. In a face-off with Mom, he transforms into a dragon and finds the secret weapon to finish the job once and for all

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