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Monday, January 26 2015
  • Time Show
    • 11:23am
      Your Highness

      Dashing Prince Fabious is the greatest hero in the kingdom, while his younger brother Thadeous is a lazy, self-centred fool. When the princess whom Fabious is due to marry is kidnapped by an evil wizard, the two brothers must go on a dangerous quest to rescue her, with a little help from a vengeful warrior woman. Fantasy comedy, with Danny McBride, James Franco and Natalie Portman

    • 1:24pm
      Role Models

      Two irresponsible salesmen find themselves in trouble with the law after crashing their truck. To avoid jail, they agree to undertake community service looking after two troubled kids - a painfully geeky teenager and a foul-mouthed youngster. However, jail soon looks like it would have been the easier option. Comedy, starring Paul Rudd, Seann William Scott and Christopher Mintz-Plasse

    • 3:55pm
      FuturamaSeason 6 Episode 17: Benderama

      The sci-fi cartoon returns after an 18-month break. Professor Farnsworth unveils a new invention that can produce copies of anything - and before he knows it, the office is overrun with dozens of tiny self-replicating Benders that threaten to take over the world

    • 4:26pm
      FuturamaSeason 6 Episode 18: The Tip of the Zoidberg

      The crew members become frustrated with Zoidberg's total incompetence in medicine when his latest mishap sees him misplace various body parts and demand that Farnsworth fire him - and when the professor refuses, he reveals in a series of flashbacks why he is so devoted to the dim-witted doctor

    • 4:56pm
      FuturamaSeason 6 Episode 19: Ghost in the Machines

      Despite having no unresolved issues or an insatiable urge to find closure, Bender has difficulty accepting his death and decides to hang around to pull some paranormal japes - with Fry firmly in his sights as the butt of his shenanigans. Animated adventure, with the voice of John DiMaggio

    • 5:26pm
      FuturamaSeason 6 Episode 20: Neutopia

      An all-powerful alien makes Fry and the gang genderless, resolving an argument over whether men or women should run a new society on a seemingly lifeless mineral planet near Mercury. Sci-fi capers from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening

    • 6:58pm
      South ParkSeason 4 Episode 4: Quintuplets 2000

      Quintuplets move into the town, and Cartman soon forms a strange attachment to one of them, while Kenny's mum plans her own multiple birth to attract attention and raise funds

    • 9:00pm
      South ParkSeason 15 Episode 3: Royal Pudding

      In an episode inspired by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's wedding, the Prince of Canada prepares to wed his fiancee in a lavish ceremony. However, when the bride is abducted during the event, Canadians all over the world are sent a call to arms, one that is accepted by Kyle's little brother Ike

    • 10:00pm
      South ParkSeason 12 Episode 4: Canada on Strike!

      After feeling the world has a lack of respect for their nation, the head of the World Canadian Bureau calls on his country to go on strike and demand more donations from other countries. Cartman and the boys hatch a plan, using the internet to create a video to gain enough hits to get Canada the money it wants

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