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Wednesday, February 10 2016
  • Time Show
    • 12:40am

      A bored corporate accountant's dull life is turned around when a charismatic lawyer inducts him into a secret underground sex club. But his involvement with the society takes him into some dark places, as he becomes accused of involvement in both a multi-million dollar heist and the disappearance of a young woman. Thriller, starring Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor and Michelle Williams.

    • 2:30am
      Let's Be Cops

      Ryan and Justin dress up for a costume party as cops only to be mistaken for the real thing. Enjoying the new power they decide to take it to the next level and purchase a real police car but soon find themselves in danger. Action comedy starring Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr.

    • 4:15am
      Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

      A courageous kung-fu prodigy sets out to exact revenge on the evil warrior who killed his parents, gaining much-needed help from a wizened tutor and a sexy sidekick. Side-splitting spoof martial arts adventure using original footage from a Seventies genre flick with contemporary actors digitally added to it. Written, directed by and starring Steve Oedekerk, alongside Jennifer Tung, Tad Horino, Hui Lou Chen and Ling Ling Tse

    • 6:45am
      Inherent Vice

      Drug-fueled private investigator Doc (Joaquin Phoenix) investigates the disappearance of his ex-girlfriend's boyfriend in Los Angeles.

    • 9:15am

      A small-time crook who holds the clue to the whereabouts of a cache of treasure is allowed to go free by a conniving lawman with a cunning plan. It's not long before assorted villains are hot on his trail, determined to get their hands on the loot no matter what the cost. Exciting and entertaining thriller from Training Day director Antoine Fuqua, starring Jamie Foxx, David Morse and Doug Hutchison

    • 11:15am
      Dracula Untold

      A Romanian knight fights to defend his homeland against Turkish invaders. Faced with overwhelming odds, he enters into a dangerous bargain to gain supernatural powers so he can drive off his enemies - but the deal could cost him his humanity as he transforms into a terrifying monster. Fantasy adventure, starring Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper and Charles Dance

    • 12:50pm
      Shanghai Noon

      A 19th-century imperial guard to the Emperor of China faces a clash of cultures when he is flung into the Wild West on a rescue mission after the beautiful Princess Pei Pei (Lucy Liu) is kidnapped by a renegade. He is soon split up from his fellow guards and forced to team up with a bumbling outlaw to help him complete the quest - but the unlikely duo face a struggle to prove their mettle. Marvellous high-kicking comedy adventure from director Tom Dey, starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson alongside Jason Connery and Brandon Merrill.

    • 2:45pm
      The Seventh Son

      Young Thomas, who is apprenticed to learn to fight evil spirits, meets his first real challenge when the powerful Mother Malkin escapes her confinement.

    • 4:30pm
      Jupiter Ascending

      In the future, a young woman is targeted for assassination by the Queen of the Universe. Action starring Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum

    • 6:40pm
      The Jacket

      A troubled former soldier suffers a blackout, and wakes to find himself accused of murder - and declared insane. He's sent to an asylum, where he's subjected to increasingly brutal treatment. But the so-called therapy has an unexpected effect on his mental state. Offbeat thriller, starring Adrien Brody, Keira Knightley, Kris Kristofferson and Jennifer Jason Leigh

    • 8:25pm
      Jackie Brown

      Director Quentin Tarantino's slick, stylish and gritty drama, starring Pam Grier as an air hostess and small-time crook whose arrest prompts her to embark on a dangerous scheme to stay one step ahead of the police - and topple her slimy, gun-smuggling employer into the bargain. Based on the best-selling novel Rum Punch by veteran crime writer Elmore Leonard, the film led to an Oscar nomination for Robert Forster. Robert De Niro, Samuel L Jackson, Bridget Fonda, Michael Keaton and Michael Bowen also feature among the superb cast

    • 11:00pm
      The Runaway Train

      A hardened criminal and his accomplice escape from a high-security Alaskan prison and stow away on board a freight train, unaware the driver has collapsed with a heart attack and the train is out of control. Action adventure, starring Jon Voight, Eric Roberts, Rebecca De Mornay and Kyle T Heffner. Based on a screenplay by acclaimed Japanese director Akira Kurosawa

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