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Wednesday, September 2 2015
  • Time Show
    • 33 mins ago
      Bride Wars

      Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway play best friends who become ultimate rivals when their dream wedding is scheduled for the same day.

    • 2:00am
      Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, Celine Dion, Lionel Richie

      The most romantic songs of our generation - bring home the most influential and moving love songs of the 70s, 80s and 90s. This collection of timeless classics includes the greatest hits and hit makers from three decades of adult contemporary music.

    • 3:00am
      The 700 ClubEPISODE: 770

      There's a Revival going on inside LA Public Schools. Brian Barcelona and One Voice Student Missions reveal some amazing stories of changed hearts and lives.

    • 4:30am
      Brazil Butt Lift

      Dance and sculpt your way to the perfect butt in just 60 days. Yes you can!

    • 6:30am
      21 DAY FIX

      Want to lose 15 pounds in 21 days? You can do it! Celebrity Trainer Autumn Calabrese will show you how with the NEW 21 Day Fix!

    • 7:00am
      Buffy the Vampire SlayerSeason 3 Episode 13: The Zeppo

      Xander's self esteem hits rock bottom as he gets no respect around school and fears he contributes nothing to fighting the forces of evil. He gets the chance to be a hero during a wild night involving fast cars, faster women, a gang of reanimated corpses on a crime spree and a spot of DIY bomb disposal - all the while unaware his friends are busy averting the apocalypse without him

    • 8:00am
      Dawson's CreekSeason 3 Episode 6: Secrets and Lies

      Joey and Pacey rescue Andie after she claims to have been attacked by Rob. Dawson discovers the real reason behind his mother's return for the Homecoming Queen Gala. Starring James Van Der Beek

    • 9:00am
      The MiddleSeason 5 Episode 13: Hungry Games

      The Hecks' plans to eat at an all-you-can-eat buffet are delayed when the new reverend calls them in after church for some impromptu counselling. American comedy, starring Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn

    • 10:00am
      The 700 ClubEPISODE: 771

      He was hooked on crack from the first hit. But years later when he asked God for help escaping the horror of addiction; he heard a voice say, 'I can get you out.'

    • 11:00am
      Gilmore GirlsSeason 5 Episode 8: The Party's Over

      Rory is touched when Emily and Richard throw a party to introduce her to their Yale alumni friends; when Dean arrives at the party to pick up Rory, it is clear to him that he has no place in her privileged world.

    • 12:00pm
      Gilmore GirlsSeason 5 Episode 9: Emily Says Hello

      Paris's decision to fast for Ramadan in a bid to add authenticity to her writing takes its toll, while Jackson tries to relax as Sookie suffers mood swings and pregnancy food cravings. Marty's timing is off by only seconds when he tries to ask Rory on a date. Lauren Graham stars

    • 2:00pm
      The MiddleSeason 5 Episode 1: The Drop Off

      Return of the American comedy, starring Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn. In the first episode, Frankie insists that the entire family be present for Axl's college dorm move-in day

    • 2:30pm
      The MiddleSeason 5 Episode 2: Change in the Air

      Frankie is annoyed to learn that Axl is returning Mike's texts but not hers during his first few weeks at college, while Sue finds herself caring about Darrin once again. American comedy, starring Patricia Heaton

    • 3:00pm
      The MiddleSeason 5 Episode 3: The Potato

      In order to get her own car, Sue gets a job at a mall eatery; Mike and Frankie learn that Brick hasn't been attending any classes; Axl spends nights at home to avoid his horrible roommate.

    • 3:30pm
      The MiddleSeason 5 Episode 4: The 100th

      Frankie and Mike are selected to drive a giant cow float as part of Orson's centenary celebrations. Meanwhile, a heartbroken Sue tries to win back Darrin by making him jealous. American comedy, starring Patricia Heaton

    • 5:00pm
      Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

      The fifth episode in the fantasy series sees the young wizard struggling to convince his fellow sorcerers that the dark lord Voldemort has returned. When Hogwarts headmaster Dumbledore is ousted in favour of a sadistic replacement, Harry realises he must take matters into his own hands, uniting his fellow pupils into a secret army and training them for the inevitable confrontation to come. Starring Daniel Radcliffe, Gary Oldman, Michael Gambon, Alan Rickman, Imelda Staunton and Helena Bonham Carter

    • 11:00pm
      The 700 ClubEPISODE: 771

      He was hooked on crack from the first hit. But years later when he asked God for help escaping the horror of addiction; he heard a voice say, 'I can get you out.'

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