Ultimate Crime Dramasby louisef

louisef said:
This isn't the ultimate crime drama altogether but has scifi in there too
  • 1 Supernatural


    Watch 'Supernatural' on TV, on DVD.
    Fantasy drama, starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as brothers travelling across America on a search for their missing father. Along the way, they battle all manner of evil forces and spirits, previously thought to be nothing but folklore
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  • 2 Hell on Wheels

    Hell on Wheels

    Watch 'Hell on Wheels' on DVD.
    A former confederate soldier journeys to the transcontinental railroad to seek vengeance.
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  • 3 Grimm


    Watch 'Grimm' on TV, on DVD.
    Detective Nick Burkhardt discovers he is part of a line of profilers charged with keeping the balance between humanity and mythological creatures
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  • 4 The Glades

    The Glades

    Homicide detective Jim Longworth is forced to leave Chicago after being wrongfully accused of sleeping with his captain's wife. Once relocated in a small Florida town Jim starts a job as with the local law enforcement and soon realises that not all is as it seems in his new neighbourhood. Drama starring Matt Passmore
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  • 5 The Walking Dead

    The Walking Dead

    Watch 'The Walking Dead' on TV, on DVD.
    Officer Rick Grimes wakes from a coma into a world terrorized by the walking dead. Post-apocalyptic drama based on a comic book series, starring Andrew Lincoln.
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  • 6 Leverage


    Watch 'Leverage' on TV, on DVD.
    A number of thieves, grifters and hackers come together like modern-day Robin Hoods in an attempt to steal from rich and powerul individuals who take advantage of others.
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  • 7 Being Human US

    Being Human US

    Contemporary supernatural drama about a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost as they try to adopt the lifestyle of their neighbours - humanity. US version of the hit BBC series starring Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath and Sam Huntington.
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  • 8 Criminal Minds

    Criminal Minds

    Watch 'Criminal Minds' on TV, on DVD.
    Following the work of FBI team, BAU, an elite team of agents who use psychological profiling to find their suspects. Crime drama starring Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler and Thomas Gibson
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  • 9 Sherlock


    Watch 'Sherlock' on DVD.
    Modern re-imagining of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role and Martin Freeman as his trusty sidekick Dr John Watson.
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  • 10 Teen Wolf

    Teen Wolf

    Watch 'Teen Wolf' on TV, on DVD.
    Scott McCall, a high school student, struggles to understand who he is and what he's becoming after being bitten by a werewolf. Starring Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Hoechlin and Holland Roden
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"Ultimate Crime Dramas" by louisef

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