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  • 1 Spider-Man


    A clumsy teenager develops superhuman powers after a bite from a genetically engineered spider, and uses his new talents to fight evil. Comic-book adventure, starring Tobey Maguire
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  • 2 Spider-Man 2

    Spider-Man 2

    Watch 'Spider-Man 2' on DVD.
    The web-slinging hero returns to continue his fight for justice, but unrequited love and a host of personal worries take their toll, prompting him to contemplate abandoning his wall-crawling alter ego. However, the arrival of deadly new bad guy Doctor Octopus drives all thought of retirement from his mind, and plunges him into a race against time to save the city. Comic-strip adventure, starring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Alfred Molina, James Franco, Rosemary Harris, JK Simmons and Daniel Gillies with a guest appearance by Stan Lee. Directed by Sam Raimi.
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  • 3 The Adventures of Robin Hood

    The Adventures of Robin Hood

    The outlaw and his merry men fight to save the king's throne and redistribute wealth to the downtrodden peasants. Swashbuckling adventure, with Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland
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  • 4 Zorro, The Gay Blade

    Zorro, The Gay Blade

    The masked hero is put out of action by an injury, so asks his gay identical twin to take over. Spoof swashbuckler, starring George Hamilton in a dual role, with Lauren Hutton
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  • 5 The Legend of Zorro

    The Legend of Zorro

    The masked hero uncovers a conspiracy to stop California joining the United States. Swashbuckling adventure sequel, starring Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Rufus Sewell
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  • 6 Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman

    Watch 'Wonder Woman' on TV.
    Adventures with the high-heeled heroine from the Amazon. Starring Lynda Carter and Lyle Waggoner
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  • 7 Zorro


    A masked hero foils evil in 1820s California.
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  • 8 Daredevil


    A blind attorney with radar-like senses leads a double life as a masked vigilante fighting evil on the streets of New York. Comic-book adventure, with Ben Affleck and Colin Farrell
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  • 9 The Flash

    The Flash

    A police scientist is transformed into the speedy superhero after an accident, and uses his powers to bring a motorcycle gang to justice. Adventure, starring John Wesley Shipp
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  • 10 Superman


    Watch 'Superman' on DVD.
    A fledgling superhero escapes the destruction of his planet and crash-lands on Earth, where he crusades for justice. Comic-strip adventure, with Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder
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"Kick-Ass Superheroes" by patjake

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