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  • 1 Lost Girl

    Lost Girl

    Watch 'Lost Girl' on DVD.
    Drama following the life of a supernatural being who survives on human sexual energy and is trying to discover the truth about her past. Starring Anna Silk
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  • 2 Covert Affairs

    Covert Affairs

    Watch 'Covert Affairs' on TV, on DVD.
    Spy Drama. CIA trainee Annie Walker is mysteriously called up for active duty as a field operative.
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  • 3 Moonlight


    Watch 'Moonlight' on DVD.
    Crime drama following a vampire's struggle to exist after he was bitten by his bride 60 years ago, and his attempts as a private investigator to stop others like himself. Starring Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles, Shannyn Sossamon and Jason Dohring.
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  • 4 The New Adventures of Superman

    The New Adventures of Superman

    A newspaper reporter hides his true identity from his lady co-worker.
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  • 5 Alphas


    Watch 'Alphas' on DVD.
    People with enhanced human abilities try to solve crimes, but find their unusual powers also have serious drawbacks. Sci-fi, starring David Strathairn
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  • 6 Cowboy Bebop

    Cowboy Bebop

    Watch 'Cowboy Bebop' on DVD.
    Bounty hunters search for criminals.
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  • 7 Quantum Leap

    Quantum Leap

    Watch 'Quantum Leap' on TV, on DVD, online.
    Assisted by a hologram named Al, Dr Sam Beckett leaps from life to life throughout his own lifetime, resolving peoples lives whilst hoping to leap back into his own one day.
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  • 8 Doctor Who

    Doctor Who

    Watch 'Doctor Who' on TV, on DVD.
    The latest incarnation of the time-travelling adventures, following the exploits of the Doctor, aided by his trusty sidekick. Sci-fi drama starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna-Louise Coleman
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  • 9 Sanctuary


    Watch 'Sanctuary' on TV, on DVD.
    Sci-fi series following a doctor and her team as they search for monsters. Starring Amanda Tapping and Robin Dunne. Originally an internet series.
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  • 10 Numb3rs


    Watch 'Numb3rs' on TV, on DVD.
    American drama, starring Rob Morrow as an FBI agent who recruits his mathematical genius brother to help the Bureau solve crimes in Los Angeles. With David Krumholtz
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"My Favorite TV Shows" by patjake

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