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  • 1 Criminal Minds

    Criminal Minds

    Watch 'Criminal Minds' on TV, on DVD.
    Drama following the work of FBI agents who use psychological profiling to find their suspects
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  • 2 Hawaii Five-0

    Hawaii Five-0

    Watch 'Hawaii Five-0' on TV, on DVD.
    American police drama following an elite task force as they work to wipe out crime on the beaches of the 50th state. A re-imagining of the original Hawaii Five-O series starring Alex O'Loughlin
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  • 3 Leverage


    Watch 'Leverage' on TV, on DVD, online.
    A number of thieves, grifters and hackers come together like modern-day Robin Hoods in an attempt to steal from rich and powerul individuals who take advantage of others.
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  • 4 CSI: NY

    CSI: NY

    Watch 'CSI: NY' on TV, on DVD.
    Second spin-off from the Crime Scene Investigation series, starring Gary Sinise as a hard-boiled investigator tackling crime around the seamy side of New York City. Also starring Sela Ward, Carmine Giovinazzo and Anna Belknap
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  • 5 Covert Affairs

    Covert Affairs

    Watch 'Covert Affairs' on DVD, online.
    Spy Drama. CIA trainee Annie Walker is mysteriously called up for active duty as a field operative.
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  • 6 CSI: Miami

    CSI: Miami

    Watch 'CSI: Miami' on TV, on DVD.
    Drama following the work of a forensic investigation unit in Florida. David Caruso, Emily Procter and Adam Rodriguez star
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  • 7 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    Watch 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' on TV, on DVD.
    An investigation team in Las Vegas scours crime scenes for forensics evidence. Drama starring George Eads, Jim Brass and Ted Danson.
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  • 8 Supernatural


    Watch 'Supernatural' on TV, on DVD, online.
    Fantasy drama, starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as brothers travelling across America on a search for their missing father. Along the way, they battle all manner of evil forces and spirits, previously thought to be nothing but folklore
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  • 9 Without a Trace

    Without a Trace

    Watch 'Without a Trace' on DVD.
    Drama series following the FBI Missing Persons Squad as they investigate another case. Anthony LaPaglia stars.
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  • 10 Grey's Anatomy

    Grey's Anatomy

    Watch 'Grey's Anatomy' on TV, on DVD, online.
    Medical drama, starring Ellen Pompeo as a surgeon, struggling with a series of private and professional crises. With Patrick Dempsey and Sandra Oh
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"My Favorite TV Shows" by kbc2011

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