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  • 1 Space Jam

    Space Jam

    Watch 'Space Jam' on TV, on DVD.
    The Looney Tunes take on aliens in a high-stakes basketball game in a bid to keep their freedom. Live action and animated comedy, with Michael Jordan, Bill Murray and Danny DeVito
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  • 2 Miracle


    Fact-based drama about a coach who tries to lead ragtag American ice-hockey players to Olympic gold in the 1980 games. Starring Kurt Russell, Patricia Clarkson and Noah Emmerich
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  • 3 Like Mike

    Like Mike

    Watch 'Like Mike' on TV.
    An orphaned youngster stumbles across a pair of magical trainers that transform him into a basketball champion. Children's fantasy adventure, starring Bow Wow and Morris Chestnut
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  • 4 Blue Chips

    Blue Chips

    Watch 'Blue Chips' on TV.
    The principled coach of a college basketball team is forced to employ dubious tactics to keep his place in the national championships. Drama, starring Nick Nolte and Mary McDonnell
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  • 5 Angels in the Outfield

    Angels in the Outfield

    Watch 'Angels in the Outfield' on TV, on DVD.
    A boy dreams for his struggling baseball team to hit the big time - and is rewarded by a little divine intervention. Fantasy comedy, starring Danny Glover and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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  • 6 The Rookie

    The Rookie

    Watch 'The Rookie' on TV.
    Fact-based drama about a former professional baseball player who takes up coaching a high-school team but ends up trying to make it back to the big time. Dennis Quaid stars
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  • 7 Air Bud

    Air Bud

    A lonely boy befriends a stray dog - and is delighted to discover the playful pooch has a natural talent for basketball. Family adventure, starring Kevin Zegers and Michael Jeter
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  • 8 Seabiscuit


    Fact-based drama about an undersized racehorse that captures the hearts of 1930s America when it becomes a record-breaker against all odds. Starring Tobey Maguire and Jeff Bridges
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  • 9 Secretariat


    Watch 'Secretariat' on DVD.
    A housewife takes over her ailing father's stables, and trains a racehorse through a spectacular winning streak. Fact-based drama, starring Diane Lane and John Malkovich
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