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  • 1 Letters to Juliet

    Letters to Juliet

    Watch 'Letters to Juliet' on DVD.
    Finding a poignant love letter in a wall dedicated to Shakespeare's Juliet Capulet, a young woman sets out to help its aged author find her long-lost beau. Amanda Seyfried stars in this romance movie based on the book by Lise and Ciel Friedman.
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  • 2 Serendipity


    Watch 'Serendipity' on TV.
    John and Sara fall for each other in New York - but rather than giving their partners the elbow, they decide to hedge their bets and leave the outcome to fate. Several years down the line, the thwarted couple have resigned themselves to being apart - only to realise they can't forget one another. Romantic drama, starring Kate Beckinsale, John Cusack, Molly Shannon and Jeremy Piven
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  • 3 The Proposal

    The Proposal

    Watch 'The Proposal' on DVD.
    A business woman faces deportation to her native Canada if she cannot find someone to marry her. She finds hope in the form of her junior assistant. Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds star in this romantic comedy.
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  • 4 Bride Wars

    Bride Wars

    Watch 'Bride Wars' on TV, on DVD.
    Kate Hudson and Anne Hathaway play best friends who become ultimate rivals when their dream wedding is scheduled for the same day.
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  • 5 When Harry Met Sally

    When Harry Met Sally

    Watch 'When Harry Met Sally' on TV.
    Rob Reiner's utterly brilliant smash-hit romantic comedy covering 11 years in the on-off relationship of quick-witted duo Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. Carrie Fisher also stars
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  • 6 Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day

    Watch 'Valentine's Day' on TV, on DVD.
    A diverse group of Los Angeles residents winds its way through love, romance and heartbreak over the course of a single day. Romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Bradley Cooper, Jamie Foxx, Topher Grace, Jennifer Garner, Anne Hathaway, Julia Roberts, Emma Roberts, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner.
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  • 7 Just Like Heaven

    Just Like Heaven

    Watch 'Just Like Heaven' on TV.
    A doctor is apparently killed in a car crash and returns to her apartment in spirit form - but someone else is living there. Romantic drama, with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo
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  • 8 50 First Dates

    50 First Dates

    Watch '50 First Dates' on TV, on DVD.
    A vet working at a Hawaiian zoo falls madly in love with a beautiful local and pulls out all the stops to romance her. But his efforts are complicated when he discovers she has short term memory loss, and he will have to start wooing her from scratch every day. Romantic comedy, starring Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider and Dan Aykroyd.
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  • 9 10 Things I Hate About You

    10 Things I Hate About You

    Watch '10 Things I Hate About You' on TV.
    A teenager is prevented from dating until her man-hating sister gets a boyfriend - but a quirky loner might be just the man for the job. Comedy, with Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles
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  • 10 Just Friends

    Just Friends

    Watch 'Just Friends' on TV.
    A music executive tries to woo the love of his high-school years, who saw the once overweight and fumbling schoolboy only as a friend. Comedy, starring Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart
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