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Big-Red said:
TV & Movies did not make my year, however, ten good ones to watch........
  • 1 Homeland


    Watch 'Homeland' on TV, on DVD.
    US marine Nicholas Brody is rescued from captivity in Afghanistan, eight years after going missing in action. He returns home to a hero's welcome - but CIA agent Carrie Mathison believes there is more to his case than meets the eye, and suspects he is secretly working on behalf of a notorious terrorist. Thriller, starring Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Morena Baccarin, Mandy Patinkin and David Harewood
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  • 2 The Help

    The Help

    Watch 'The Help' on DVD.
    An aspiring journalist in 1960s Mississippi creates controversy when she gives black servants the chance to tell their stories. Drama, starring Emma Stone and Viola Davis
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  • 3 Boardwalk Empire

    Boardwalk Empire

    Watch 'Boardwalk Empire' on TV, on DVD.
    Drama series adapted from Nelson Johnson's book set in 1920s Atlantic City, during the time of Prohibition. Steve Buscemi stars as Nucky Thompson; the town treasurer and undisputed ruler of the City - both politically and as a gangster. Terence Winter and Martin Scorsese bring the vibrance and tension of the era to the screen.
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  • 4 Luther


    Watch 'Luther' on DVD.
    Thriller, starring Idris Elba as genius detective DCI John Luther, a man not always in control of his passionate nature, who turns his maverick skills to hunting killers.
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  • 5 Super 8

    Super 8

    Watch 'Super 8' on TV, on DVD.
    A group of children witnesses a train crash and discovers an alien creature has escaped from the wreckage. Sci-fi thriller, starring Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning
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  • 6 Merlin


    Watch 'Merlin' on DVD.
    Series charting Merlin, the legendary wizard's formative years, starring Colin Morgan.
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  • 7 Hanna


    Watch 'Hanna' on DVD.
    A teenage girl trained by her father to be an assassin travels the world on a secret mission, pursued by the CIA. Action thriller, with Saoirse Ronan and Cate Blanchett
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  • 8 Dexter


    Watch 'Dexter' on TV, on DVD.
    Crime drama, starring Michael C Hall as a forensic expert who leads a double life as a serial killer and follows a code to execute criminals who have escaped justice
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  • 9 Fringe


    Watch 'Fringe' on DVD.
    FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham, a scientist, Walter Bishop, and his son Peter investigate unexplained events with paranormal or terrorist connections. Drama series by Lost creator JJ Abrams.
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  • 10 Ringer


    Watch 'Ringer' on DVD.
    Fearing for her life after witnessing a murder, Bridget Kelly secretly flees to New York to see her estranged twin sister, but soon realises her sister's life isn't as perfect as it may seem
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"Best of 2011" by Big-Red

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  • lololee
    3 years ago, lololee said:
    I completely forgot to add Luther to my list. But yes! Luther was good, I just wish the producers would have kept the episodes spread out instead of reducing them to a 4 story arch. But great list! Report abuse
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