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  • 1 Arli$$


    A high-powered agent does everything he can for his pro athlete clients.
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  • 2 Picket Fences

    Picket Fences

    American drama set in the small town of Rome, Wisconsin - a place full of unusual goings-on, from strange murders to spontaneous human combustion
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  • 3 Invasion


    Sci-fi drama, starring Eddie Cibrian as a US park ranger investigating mysterious phenomena believed to be the work of extraterrestrials. With William Fichtner and Lisa Sheridan
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  • 4 The Dresden Files

    The Dresden Files

    Chicago-based private detective Harry Dresden investigates crimes using his extraordinary abilities to sense where supernatural forces are at work. Mystery drama, starring Paul Blackthorne
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  • 5 Firefly


    Sci-fi drama set 500 years from now where the crew of a Firefly class vessel Serenity must struggle to survive. Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin and Morena Baccarin star.
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  • 6 Babylon 5

    Babylon 5

    Watch 'Babylon 5' on DVD.
    Beings from different worlds interact at a peaceful space station.
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  • 7 FlashForward


    Watch 'FlashForward' on DVD.
    Drama from the creators of Lost, following the work of FBI agent Mark Benford after the population suffers a simultaneous blackout, during which time people have a glimpse of their lives six months into the future.
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  • 8 Caprica


    Watch 'Caprica' on DVD.
    Beginning 58 years before Battlestar Galactica, Caprica is the story of how Colonial humanity created the robotic Cylons, who would later plot to destroy human civilization in retaliation for years of slavery.
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  • 9 Smallville


    Watch 'Smallville' on DVD.
    Adventures following the early escapades of Clark Kent, starring Tom Welling as the fledgling superhero
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  • 10 La Femme Nikita

    La Femme Nikita

    Adventure series, starring Peta Wilson as a top-flight government assassin who frequently clashes with her superiors. With Roy Dupuis and Alberta Watson
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"Axed Too Soon" by Uncut

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