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Using LocateTV

What can LocateTV do for me?

With LocateTV you can find out when something you've missed on TV is next on and discover new shows and movies to watch. Find your favorite actors or directors on TV, watch online, and compare prices for DVDs.

With LocateTV "My Picks" you can build a personal TV schedule and receive email reminders for the TV and sports teams you want to watch. You can set your TV provider to get the most accurate listings just for you.

You can have fun taking our TV quizzes or creating themed Shortlists. Or tell others what you think by leaving them a comment and rating their Shortlists.

Plus, we allow you to embed our TV listings widget in your own blog, fansite, or website.

What do all the stars mean?

The stars are a shortcut to add or remove an item from your My Picks list. Golden stars show items you've already added, whilst gray stars are not yet picked.

TV Listings

I don't live in the USA and I see US TV listings - why?

LocateTV provides television listings for the USA, UK and Republic of Ireland only at this time and unless you have selected a region and provider we default to US listings. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. See also the FAQ "The listings show me a bunch of channels I don't get. Can I fix this?"

The listings show me a bunch of channels I don't get. Can I fix this?

Set your TV Provider by clicking the link next to "Local Listings for:", just below the calendar on any listings page and we can give you much more accurate channel listings.

If you sign up for a LocateTV account, which is free, set your TV provider under My Account.

If you're signed in, use My Channels to tell us which channels you watch, to make My TV Schedule 100% accurate for you!

I get my TV through an antenna, why can't I select this option?

Unfortunately, we do not cover over-the-air listings. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Why are channels still appearing on the TV Guide after I've switched them 'OFF' in My Channels?

The 'My Channels' feature is designed to maximize your personal TV Schedule. By switching channels to 'OFF', you are ensuring that you do not receive reminders for content on channels that you do not get as part of your TV service package.

Can I get a reminder sent by SMS or some other way?

We only support reminders by email.

My Picks and My TV Schedule

How do I build My TV Schedule?

You'll need a LocateTV account. sign up if you don't have one, it's completely free.

When you're signed in, search for a favorite TV show, movie, person or sports team and click 'ADD TO MY PICKS' below the page title, or use the ADD menus below photos throughout the site. This will add the item into My Picks. Then select My LocateTV from the top navigation bar to access My TV Schedule.

How do I get email reminders?

First, build up the list of your favorites in My Picks (see above). Then, check your settings in My Account to ensure you've selected to receive email TV reminders in the preferences section (it's switched on by default if you didn't change it when you signed up).

When do I receive email reminders?

We send you a reminder email once a week.

How do I remove items from My Picks / My TV Schedule?

Clicking the gold star next to any title or person name will remove it from your list, or use the ADD/EDIT menus below photos throughout the site.


What are Shortlists? [VIDEO]

Shortlists let you express yourself by creating a list of TV shows, movies or people around a theme, such as "Groundbreaking Movies". You can then share your shortlist and see what people think of your choices as they add their comments and rate them.

How do I create a shortlist?

Visit a shortlist page and click the "CREATE YOUR SHORTLIST" button. Then drag & drop images from anywhere on the site into the widget at the bottom of the page.

HINT: You don't have to stay on the shortlist page, you can use the search function (at the top of every page) or browse around to inspire you, then simply drag images into the widget.

Can I create a private shortlist that only I can see?

Part of the fun is to compare other people's choices and rate them! So, all shortlists are public and can be seen by anyone.

My Account

I've forgotten my password. What do I do?

You can reset your password by following the instructions here.

What is my profile page?

Your profile is your public face on LocateTV. It allows other LocateTV users to see a bit about you and what you have been doing on LocateTV. You can customize what you would like others to see in My Account. (We'll never display any personal information you do not want us to.)

How do I change my profile picture?

We don't like reinventing the wheel. So, like many others, we use a service called Gravatar to manage your profile pic. Follow the instructions on to choose a shiny new picture of yourself.

Why do I need a username?

Your username is your unique nickname on LocateTV. Whenever you contribute, by creating a shortlist, for example, or leaving a comment, your username will be visible to other users. We'll never show your real name.

How do I change my username?

If you would like to change your username, please contact us.

How do I stop getting the LocateTV emails?

You can change your email preferences on the My Account page.

How do I close my LocateTV account?

You can close your LocateTV account by following the instructions here.

LocateTV on your Smartphone


Download the free Android application from the Android Market.

Why haven't there been any LocateTV application updates?

At present, we are not planning to update the LocateTV apps. The Android app can be downloaded here.

Technical Stuff

What's an embed?

It's a widget that you can place on your own site or blog, by copying a small code fragment into your page. You can embed any TV show, movie or person and it will automatically update to show when it is next on TV. Click "EMBED" on any of our TV show, movie or person pages and follow the instructions.

What browsers do you support?

We support and test with all the modern browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. We recommend you keep up to date with the latest version of whichever browser you use.

It's really slow - what can I do?

We're sorry to hear that. The site has a lot of content and is designed to be viewed over a broadband connection. Also, if you use Internet Explorer 6, you will notice significant speed improvements if you upgrade to a newer browser.

Do you have an API?

We don't currently have an API to access the functions of our site. Please tell us if this is something you'd like.

Can I add LocateTV Search to my browsers search bar?

Yes, if you have Firefox 2 or higher, or Internet Explorer 7 or higher, you can add LocateTV into your search bar. From any page on our site, click on the drop-down menu on your browser's search bar and select LocateTV from the list.

Where can I report a problem or request something?

Please visit our feedback page, we'd really welcome your comments, good or bad!

This page was last updated April 2012

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