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I'm going to assume that you're a virgin and have an intact hymen, so if that isn't he case, then those parts might not apply to you. With a hymen, your "entrance"

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First time you shaved or waxed your lady-garden? We were getting drunk and getting off with one another. Finger, penis, done, ouch.

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My first time being fingered I was 14 and at the movies with the guy I was dating and we started making out and his hand found the button of my

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Since you haven't had anything inside of you, getting fingered for the first time will stretch your hymen, making it hurt quite a bit. It won't be

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to finger you. Also, buy some lube and get him to use that on his fingers. I got fingered for the first time on friday and i am a virgin. It did hurt

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i might be getting fingered for the first time soon. i just don't know if i'm ready so i'd like to know about should i shave, what will the guy 1) The first time I did it, I just went with how she was reacting. I had no As for being turned off while fingering, I think probably if you were just