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You Know You're Addicted to Robert Pattinson When....

by on July 7th 2010 at 11:18 am

Robert Pattinson addict?

What does it mean to be addicted to Robert Pattinson? Do you watch all of his movies? Do you buy every magazine he is featured in? Do you buy any and all merchandise featuring his face? As a fan, of course you do BUT what does it mean to be addicted? We have devised a Top 10 List of You Know You're Addicted to Robert Pattinson when....

10.) You have to pose and take a picture with any promotional item featuring Robert's face.... it doesn't matter where.... the local theater, on the subway, inside Wal-mart.... you name it.... you take a picture!

9.) You've finally finished your scrapbook, entitled 'My Life'. It includes your baby pictures, your wedding photos and photos of your first child. Good job, Mrs. Pattinson, you figured out Photoshop for those wedding pictures and that website that gave birth to your daughter via a simple blending of you and your new hubby.

8.) You own every book Robert has been spotted with or referenced in an interview. Not only that but you have bought copies for all of your friends because you have started a book club dedicated to these books.... much like Oprah Winfrey's successful book club. Your friends don't know the inspiration behind your choices though.... what they don't know won't hurt them.

7.) You have an entire folder dedicated to KStew (Kristen Stewart) photos. However, it's not because you like her, but rather so you can mimick her latest look. Afterall, if that's what Rob wants, Rob shall get.

6.) Robert Pattinson is the cover for this month's GQ magazine. Along with purchasing the magazine, you also grab a box of First Response pregnancy tests. For the power of RPattz is sure to impregnate you merely by photograph.

5.) Family and friends want to know why you don't answer your cell anymore. Little do they know, it's not because you're busy. Well... unless you call closing your eyes and going into a trance courtesy of RPattz and 'Never Think' as your ringtone.

4.) You've developed a sixth sense of 'boss detection', necessary for when you have to quickly minimize the window of the newest Robert Pattinson photoshoot and thus returning to the phony excel document. Problem is, you don't use excel.

3.) Your significant other has declined continued requests to change his name legally to Robert Thomas (fill in your signifcant others last name).

2.) As you're standing in line to any Twilight movie and overhear someone talking about how hot Edward is, you interject and add.... "You think Edward is hot? Daniel Gale is the one who does it for me." If they don't know who Daniel Gale is, you reply.... *sigh* "Amateurs.... you don't know what you're missing!"

and last but certaintly not least....

1.) When you wear your Spunk Ransom t-shirt in public and someone asks you "What does that mean?" you whip your head around and quote the infamous MTV Larry Carroll interview word for word, followed by, "How did you NOT know that?"

Do you have a symptom for your Robert Pattinson addiction we didn't mention? Leave a comment on this thread and share your claim to addiction!

You may also leave it in a comment below. This is Kristin Rielly and Brittany Stevens from Spunk-Ransom.com, guest blogging right here on LocateTV.com!

14 Responses to “You Know You're Addicted to Robert Pattinson When....”

  1. Great job Kristin and Brittany!! this really got me laughing and nodding along as i read... Ooh! Nice reference of Daniel Gale! ;p

  2. Is it sad that I can relate to many if not all of those? I'm not ashamed of my Rob addiction. He's very worthy of it. :) This made me smile! Thank you!

  3. u guys forgot about this one: whenever you sign into a webpage (that requires an email and password), you squeal when you check the box that reads "remember me".

  4. BIG thanks to Kristin and Brittany at Spunk-Ransom.com for this great post! I'm sure there are items that a lot of girls can identify with!

  5. oohh im loving this one LOL

  6. You know you are addicted to Rob when you knew him as Cedric and still thought he was adorable, and fight constantly with fans when they say harry potter sucks.

  7. ha ha! hilarious! so...i may have had my picture taken with a promotional poster, but not totally not my choice (ahem emily!) i am a victim of robsession! i particularly like point 6 - the immaculate rob-ception! ;)

  8. my brothers name is robert thomas but he doesnt have the same effect on me..... thank god

  9. my brothers name is robert thomas but he doesnt have the same effect on me.. thank god

  10. Hilarious, and, uncomfortably too close to home. Does wearing his face emblazoned on a t-shirt count at all?

    The t-shirted fans at the Eclipse premiere seem to think so. Check out pictures of these t-shirt on my t-shirt project blog:

  11. lol this made me laugh really hard!

  12. VERY funny girls! Oh and Lisa's one here on the comments is GOLD! I squeal too! Funny... :-)

  13. Who is daniel gale?

  14. '...' check out http://www.locatetv.com/tv/bad-mothers-handbook/305673 to find out who Daniel Gale is