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UK Christmas Telly

by on December 19th 2011 at 12:10 pm

Calling all UK residents. Here is a guide of what's on TV over Christmas. Ho Ho Ho!

Friday 23 December

Friday is the official start of Christmas! Work is over (for most I hope!) so it's time to pour yourself a glass of mulled wine, snuggle up on the sofa and stick on the TV.

Come Dine with Me (Comedian's Christmas Special)
Come Dine With Me kicks off your Friday night telly, with a comedian's special. With Sean Hughes, Gina Yashere, Paul Tonkinson and Duncan Norvelle, you can just tell it's going to be comical (get it!? :) ). Tune into Channel 4, at 8pm to see some master chefs at work.

8 Out of 10 Cats
It's got Jedward - what more can you ask for!? On Channel 4, at 9pm - straight after Come Dine With Me.

The Jonathan Ross Show
Or if a irreverent panel show is not your thing, the King of Chat Jonathan Ross has a Christmas edition of his ITV1 show at 9pm. With guests Tom Cruise, The Inbetweeners cast and the stars of Downton Abbey. There are musical performances by Tim Minchin and Il Volo.

Christmas Eve

Yay! Christmas Eve! The shopping should all be done, so sit back and relax. Don't forget to leave out a glass of milk for Santa along with some cookies and carrots.

Text Santa
Part Two of ITV's festive fundraising initiative. Join hosts Ant, Dec and Holly Willoughby as they are joined by various celebrities, hoping to raise money for Crisis, Samaritans and Great Ormond Street Children's Charity. Join in with the fun at 7:30pm on ITV1.

Gordon's Christmas Cookalong Get Ready
Get ready for the live cookalong show. Gordon Ramsay reveals what ingredients you will need if you wish to join in. Airing at 7:45pm on Channel 4. The live show airs on Christmas Day, at 10am, also on Channel 4.

Comedy drama about a family who are trying to make Christmas as special as possible. Sue Johnston heads the cast, so expect it to be rather entertaining. It's on at 10pm on BBC1.

Bill Bailey: Dandelion Mind
I've seen Dandelion Mind live - it was so so funny! If you don't have time to watch this, make sure you record it or watch online (if available) - definitely worth a watch. Tune into Channel 4 at 10:55pm.

Christmas Day

Across most of the channels, there are lots and lots of movies airing - and not all Christmas ones either. So if you're sick of Christmas by the afternoon, there's Aladdin, Happy Feet, Monsters vs Aliens, Scoby Doo (and the list goes on...). But there are quite a few Christmas Day specials airing in the evening that you've got to watch, record or catch up online a few days later.

Gordon's Christmas Cookalong Live
The ultimate cookalong programme! Join in all the action at 10am on Channel 4.

Joke of the season: The Prince and the Composer
Yes, that right, Prince Charles himself is presenting this documentary. He learns about the work of composer Hubert Parry. It's on BBC2 at 3:10pm.

Starting early on 25th Dec, Emmerdale will be airing at 6pm on ITV1. Interesting that All Star Family Fortunes, which follows Emmerdale, has one of the prime time slots (personally I would've thought that they should have been scheduled the other way round). What happens in the episode? Well obviously I don't want to give too much away, but to sum it up, Amy decides what to do about the baby - lame spoiler, I'm sorry!

The Gruffalo's Child
One for the kiddie-winkles and adults alike, The Gruffalo's Child is an animated adaptation of Julia Donaldson's book. It has an excellent cast providing the voices, such as Robbie Coltrane and James Corden. It's on at 6:30pm, on BBC1.

Doctor Who
One reason for ITV not scheduling Emmerdale at 7pm may be because that's when Doctor Who will be airing on BBC1 - obvious crowd pleaser. The Time Lord crash lands on Earth during WW2. It's got a great cast - worth a watch!

Strictly Come Dancing
Strictly follows Doctor Who on BBC1, at 8pm. Standard Christmas Day special, similar to last year. Russell Grant will be making an appearance so expect lots of glitz, glam and spray tan!

Coronation Street
Corrie is also on at 8pm, on ITV1. I don't have much to say that's positive about Corrie at the moment...I was a hardcore, dedicated fan. But the whole Peter and Carla story, eurgh. It's gross.

It's all going down in 'Enders this Christmas. Masood sets out to bring Kamil home, but Yusef doesn't make it easy for him. And Shirley finds out who is stalking Phil. It's on at 9pm on BBC1 & BBC1 HD.

The Toys That Made Christmas
Also showing at 9pm, on BBC2, is The Toys That Made Christmas; a light-hearted look at toys of the past - before the days of Playstations, iPods and laptops (if you can even imagine that!). Definitely one to watch and reminisce of the good old days.

Downton Abbey
I am a Downton addict! Love it, love it! Their Christmas special is on at 9pm (yes the same time as the previous two shows) and lasts 2 hours! The advert on ITV1 has been airing for about a fortnight now, so the following gives nothing away. Bates is arrested for the murder of his ex-wife and there is a court case. Plus Mary considers ending her engagement with Sir Richard.

Britain's Favourite Christmas Songs
A countdown of popular Christmas songs - but you can almost guarantee that there will be a few turkeys in the mix! Join in with the sing-song at 10pm on Channel 5.


Boxing Day

Time to eat that left over Turkey...Turkey sandwiches anyone?

Jim'll Fix It with Shane Ritchie
This show could either be a hit or an absolute disaster. It'll make childrens' dreams come true, which is sweet, but think it may be too soon to do a show when the former host recently passed away. Or, if it's really good, it could be a very fitting tribute. To see either way, it's on at 5:40pm on BBC1.

The Royal Bodyguard
Boxing Day sees a new BBC comedy series begin, starring David Jason. The Royal Bodyguard is about an ex-guardsman (Jason) who, due to an act of bravery, is put in charge of all royal security. The first episode is airing at 9:30pm, BBC1.

Most Annoying People of 2011
Two part special discussing who were the most annoying and irritating people of 2011. Part One airs on Boxing Day, at 9pm on BBC3 with Part Two on the following day (Tuesday 27th) also at 9pm on BBC3.

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