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Movies to add to your Picks

by on June 6th 2013 at 12:07 pm

Movies to add to your Picks

The movies that have already been out this Spring were epic. With all that adrenaline, car racing and way too much Chow for the eyes to cope with, you'll need a remedy for that hangover. But what if you want more action and more unrealistic death-defying scenes? Then we are here to help. If you're unfamiliar with LocateTV and the full site functionality, did you know that we can remind you about when certain movies are airing on TV? So if there was a blockbuster you missed and want to catch it on TV, all you have to do is… read more »

Get even MORE personal with your My Picks

by on March 31st 2011 at 4:19 pm

What's Recently Added

LocateTV is all about personalizing your TV schedule and we love pulling together all your fave TV shows, movies and celebs. But... what happens if you love Jennifer Aniston but don't want to be reminded that Friends is on every five minutes? Well, we've listened to your feedback and found a way to just show you the juicy bits. With new functionality for 'My Picks' you can now select the episodes of TV shows and movies of people that you've already seen (or don't want to watch) and we will then remove them from 'My TV Schedule'. To try it… read more »