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LocateTV celebrates Saint George's Day

by on April 19th 2010 at 2:16 pm


Happy Saint George’s Day Locaters! Friday will be the day where we celebrate St George, the patron Saint of England! Here at LocateTV we got talking about all things English and came up with a Top 5 of our most fave English movies. This task was a definite toughie what with so many legendary, classic English work to choose from such as The Full Monty, Sleepy Hollow, Trainspotting and Notting Hill to mention but a FEW! What would yours be?   1. Now, I’m probably cheating here but you can’t pick just one can you! Mr. Potter has to go in… read more »

UK Festive Premieres

by on December 7th 2009 at 3:35 pm


Phew! It’s a stormy month, and rather miserable out there! But us Brits are still plugging for a white Christmas! Drizzly Christmas more like! Still, you can take the weather from us, but not our spirit! Especially us at LocateTV! We’ve been delving into December’s goodie bag and found some great new upcoming TV and cinematic viewing pleasures for you all! So sit back whilst we make your winter wonderland a dream by spicing up your December TV… It’s The End of Time…for the Doctor anyway! The December Christmas Special of Dr. Who will come in 2 parts this year;… read more »