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ABC throws curves, spoofs befuddled men in new fall lineup

by on May 17th 2011 at 6:36 pm


Curvy women and confused men are the eye-catchers in ABC's fall lineup, with a Charlie's Angels re-do and a Tim Allen return underscoring the network's latest new directions. Third place ABC has seven freshman series slotted for this fall, with another half-dozen newcomers announced as midseason entries. Making room for them is a big chunk of cancellations, with the demise of Brothers & Sisters after five seasons the most notable subtraction. Its Sunday night post-Desperate Housewives slot will be inherited by the new Pan Am, a period piece celebrating the sex-alicious stewardesses of the 1960s. Also axed by ABC are V,… read more »

Fox again does a two-step by unveiling both fall and midseason programming plans

by on May 16th 2011 at 6:30 pm


Some of its best-laid plans invariably go awry as viewers decide what they like and don't like. But on paper at least, Fox again has its 2011-12 prime-time lineups in place for both fall and midseason. Fall's biggest splashes are the previously announced The X Factor, which will reunite  Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul as judges, and the Steven Spielberg-produced Terra Nova, a combination futuristic/prehistoric drama scheduled to join House on Monday nights for a planned 13-episode Season 1 run. Fox also has a showy midseason replacement for Terra Nova, with Lost and Fringe creator J.J. Abrams' Alcatraz announced as… read more »

NBC re-loads after shooting blanks with last fall's new series

by on May 16th 2011 at 12:05 am

The Playboy Club

NBC will wait until midseason to deploy its new big gun, The Voice. Meanwhile, the Peacock will have six new series on board this fall, most notably a return to Hugh Hefner's sex 'n' skin salad days with The Playboy Club. Set in the 1960s, it harkens to a time when rabbit ears were in vogue on curvy bunnies and many of that era's TV sets. NBC hopes this fall will be much better than last, when all eight of its announced new series proved to be failures. Outsourced, Law & Order: Los Angeles and The Event officially joined the cancellation… read more »

CBS preps for this fall with the fate of Two and a Half Men its overriding question

by on April 29th 2011 at 11:26 pm


The fate of Two and a Half Men remains a hot topic and a tossup as CBS gears up to announce its new fall season lineup on May 18th. In the last of our four-part series we look night-by-night at what other series are keepers, goners or teetering in between. MONDAYS -- How I Met Your Mother has already been renewed, with Mike & Molly and Rules of Engagement also very solid bets for next season. CBS likewise is virtually certain to give Hawaii Five-0 a sophomore year. But midseason replacement Mad Love has next to no chance of coming… read more »

Fox has fewer spots and two new biggies already assured of fall premieres

by on April 28th 2011 at 11:17 pm


Fox's biggest fall plan already is penciled in -- the big, splashy debut of Simon Cowell's The X Factor. Also already announced: the delay of Fox's big-budget, Steven Spielberg-produced Terra Nova from a planned two-part spring "sneak preview" to a guaranteed spot on next season's prime-time schedule. All of which means that Fox, which already programs fewer hours than its competitors, is not going to have many available slots when it announces its fall 2011 plans on May 16th. With that in mind, here's Part 3 of our series on what's likely to survive and perish from this season's crop.… read more »