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The Olympics on LocateTV

by on July 27th 2012 at 1:50 pm

The Opening Ceremony of the Olympics is today!
Everyone at LTV HQ is pretty excited and you'll never have to miss an event on TV because we've got it covered.

Olympic TV Schedule

Don’t forget LocateTV has all the details of the Olympics to help you plan your days; including when each event is airing. So whether you want to watch the arrival of the torch at the Olympic stadium, the men’s 100m run or the awarding of medals we know where you can watch it. Go to our TV Guide for schedule information or add Olympics 2012 to your ‘My Picks’.


Olympic Infographic

To help you get in shape for the greatest sporting event on Earth, we at LocateTV have created an Olympic themed infographic to deliver some of the best Olympic-related movie & TV trivia. Take a look here!


Olympic Shortlists

Why not make an Olympic themed Shortlist? Create your celebrity beach volleyball team and share your top sports films.

2 Responses to “The Olympics on LocateTV”

  1. This was the best show EVER! Loaded with humor and talent! Great job!

  2. Did you ever consider showing Little Big Man with Dustin Hoffman. It's a classic - would love to see it again