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My Desert Island - Emily

by on October 29th 2009 at 11:18 am

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It’s taken me more time than perhaps necessary to put together my list of items I’d just have to have with me on my island. Having the luxury to actually plan what I’d need to keep me occupied for days, weeks, years (!!) has lead me to think quite rationally about my choices.

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1. The TV box set came to me instantly. Like Matt, it would have to be Lost. Every single exciting episode would keep my mind from being frazzled by the sun, as I lay on the beach with my flat screen! Some would get frustrated by all the questions that it provides (polar bear in the jungle anyone?) but I’m loyal to the series that draws to a close next year. Plus, I could use the series for escape and survival tips!

2. To keep me company and to pour over Lost theories with me would be the lovely Hugh Jackman. As well as providing me with conversation and something nice to look at, he could also entertain me with his singing and dancing as seen in Oklahoma! and at the 81st Academy Awards opening ceremony!

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3. Selecting my film was hard. As a big musicals fan, I just couldn’t pick which one I’d want to watch over and over again! Would it be Singin’ In The Rain? The Sound of Music? Moulin Rouge? In the end I’ve chosen Hello, Dolly! With Gene Kelly directing, Barbra Streisand belting out amazing songs and a guest performance from Louis Armstrong, what’s not to love?! With 3 Oscar wins and a glorious soundtrack to put a smile on my face when I realise that help isn’t on the way, I could watch this film for years on end and still love the song and dance routines that also feature Walter Matthau and Michael Crawford.

And as for the people I would NOT want on my island? Definitely Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, reality TV stars from The Hills. With their “acting” up and constant searches for attention, I would have to throw them to the sharks right away!

 Emily :)

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  1. Oh Hugh, you animal! (})