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LocateTV Android - The robots are coming...!

by on August 27th 2010 at 5:05 pm

Over the last few months we've been busily creating an Android application for LocateTV and we're pretty pleased with the result. The first version of the application has all the good, core features you'd expect from LocateTV, so you can:

  • search for your favorite TV, movies and people and find where you can watch them on TV, DVD and online
  • browse channel listings for the next week
  • view what's currently on TV and what's coming up next

The first thing you see when you launch the app (after the splash screen) is the Seasons Starting Now screen.  This lists a few shows that are coming up in the near future - give it a shake if you want more! 

Enter the name of your favorite show in the search box, eg. "Lost", "Friends" or "24" and press the little grey magnifying glass. We'll give you all the details of when this show is next on TV, where you can buy it on DVD and where you can find it online. You can also look up your favorite cast member and see when they are next on TV.

Want to know what's on today? Press the little blue TV icon on the action bar at the top and we'll take you to a TV listings page.  Here you can select the schedule for the next 7 days by clicking on the day you're interested in.  If you click the TV channel name then you'll be able to get a list of channels to select from too.

If you're after a quick fix check out the little clock icon, or the Now and Next screen as we know it. This will list....well...what's on Now...and Next for each channel!

We hope you like the app as it is today, but this is just the start. We don't intend to rest on our laurels and will be adding plenty of new features in the coming months.

We intend to be the source for TV information on your mobile, so we will try and make all the features of the web site available to you via our mobile apps (we'll be updating our iPhone application too).  That means My Picks, My TV Schedule, recommendations and all the other good features you've come to expect from the main LocateTV website.  We'll be adding new features like lists and favorites too, along with some other mobile-only possibilities.  If you have an idea that you would like us to add to the application (for any mobile) please get in touch - we're doing this for you!

We've launched on the Android Market now and you can get it from the barcode below, or you can just search for LocateTV.

2 Responses to “LocateTV Android - The robots are coming...!”

  1. Loving the new app Chris. Thanks for all your hard work developing it!

  2. REMINDERS please. otherwise fit app