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Interview with the Vampire...Fan Site

by on January 12th 2011 at 4:41 pm

Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga novels have taken over the world! Ok, maybe not the world, but they have certainly taken over the minds of many teenagers, vampire enthusiasts and "Twilight Moms" (and the odd 20-something LocateTV employee!) The epic love story of the human Bella, and her vampire boyfriend Edward, has spawned hundreds of fan sites dedicated to the story, the books, the films and the actors.

LocateTV's good friends over at Spunk Ransom (don't worry, the title is explained!) have all the Robert Pattinson related information you could want! We quizzed site owner Kristin about day-to-day life running the busy fan site, and what prompted her to create such an oddly named site!

LocateTV: What prompted you to create the Robert Pattinson fan site Spunk Ransom?

Kristin: I have been a fan of Robert Pattinson's since he starred as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and Goblet of Fire. In the spring of 2008, I heard he has been cast to play the role of Edward Cullen in a book franchise called Twilight. I had never read the books but they had be recommended to me several times.

I decided to do a search online because I wanted to know what this Twilight thing was all about it. It amazed me how many negative comments were out there about Robert playing Edward Cullen. My friend Mareike and I got together in July 2008 and started a MySpace to support Robert. In a matter of months, it grew with a solid fanbase wanting to know more about Robert's career past, present, and future. With fan support, I opened Spunk-Ransom.com in November of 2008 - the same month Twilight opened in US theaters.

LocateTV: Where did you come up with the name of the site?!

Kristin: I get this question a lot as you can imagine. The term "Spunk Ransom" is a reference from an MTV interview on the set of Twilight. Former MTV correspondent Larry Carroll asked him what he thought about "RPattz" and he wasn't a fan of that or his own name so that spawned the question, "What would you like to be called?" He responded, "Ransom Spunk, no, Spunk Ransom!". Robert got it from a book he read titled Money by Martin Amis. This spawned the hilarious nickname "Spunk Ransom". I think personally Robert doesn't take his fame too seriously so we went with the same not-so-serious approach. We think he'd have a sense of humor about it.

LocateTV: How much time do you dedicate to the site updates? You have quite a design flair - has web design/creation something you've always been interested in or have you only got involved since creating Spunk Ransom?

Kristin: There is so much time that goes into updating the site daily. I personally can put in anywhere from 3-6 hours daily working on the news or other areas of the site. Not only that, but it isn't just me that is constantly updating the news. Currently, there are six of us who update the news (shout out to Brittany, Colleen, Jen C, Marie, and Jen K).

I can only speak for myself but I have always been interested in communicating with fans or followers of particular topics I enjoy. Before the Spunk Ransom website, I used to political blog on MySpace for a 2008 Presidential nominee for almost two years following up to that election. Before that, I maintained an English language fan site for the Japanese band L'Arc-en-Ciel. I have to say with the different communities I have been apart of, I like the Robert Pattinson community the most.

LocateTV: What sources do you get your news stories from?

Kristin: We are fortunate to gather news from fans, Google News, IMDB, LiveJournal, and Twitter.

LocateTV: Do you have any future plans for new features on the site?

Kristin: Our immediate future plans are a new design in progress. We hope to have that up and running before the end of January. I hope we keep growing but more importantly I hope the fans stand with us and continue to support Robert Pattinson's career because as he continues to take interesting and challenging film roles, we get to follow him on his journey. Who doesn't want to be apart of that?

Thanks to Kristin for a great interview. Make sure you check out the Spunk Ransom site and follow @spunk_ransom on Twitter. Also, check out their guest post You Know You're Addicted to Robert Pattinson When...

4 Responses to “Interview with the Vampire...Fan Site”

  1. i go to your site everyday, sometimes more than once, you and your staff seem very loyal, to robert! and seemed to love him.Yes all those negative remarks, that were posted about robert, seems like he negative forget about it and i listen to that interview about wanted to be called SR, NOW EVERYBOOK ROB IS SEEN OR MENTION WITH IS FAMOUS, they are being sold, well i thank kristen and cathreine for sticking up for rob, i which someone will announce to the critics robert is just acting, how the crapy book mentions edward impression, i hate those critics, so down on robert.

  2. Well Kristen - you know I love your site -
    I go to it many times a day, because you update all the time and it's always good stuff. I love that we got to read your personal back story, that was great.
    You have my continued support to your sight always, because you always have good and accruate info, as well as very respectful to Rpatz... He is goint to be a actor for our times I am sure of it.
    The critics will be eating there words soon....

  3. Top article here from Kristin :) Agree with 'mcwrixon' - Rob will be an actor of our time!

  4. Glad to see that Kristin could share her back story! As a news staffer for SR, I can happily say that we spend hours working as a team & it's some of the greatest fun you could have =) I'm glad so many people are dedicated to continuing Spunk-Ransom's success! Thanks guys!