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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 finale

by on May 20th 2010 at 2:23 pm

Watch the finale of Grey’s Anatomy tonight at 9/8c on ABC!


With 16.25 million viewers and the first season finale attracting 22.22 million, Grey’s Anatomy has become one of the most watched prime time TV shows. Anatomy’s season 6 double bill finale looks to break those viewing figures whilst still competing with the massively popular medical shows of Scrubs and ER


Grey’s Anatomy season 5 gave us multiple one hour episode treats for the Anatomy faithful. Rumours circled season 5 with reports that two of the show’s main stars T.R Knight and Katherine Heigl were set to leave Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. Basing itself around Derek’s (Patrick Dempsey) discovery of Meredith's mother's journals, the season ended with fellow interns performing procedures on each other.


Season 6 saw the eventual departure of T.R. Knight although Katherine Heigl decided to stay and complete the sixth season. The season saw a new style in filming and was the first season to showcase episodes focused on different main characters. Season 6 introduced some new characters, in the form of Nora Zehetner as Dr. Reed Adamson, Jesse Williams as Dr. Jackson Avery, Robert Baker as Dr. Charles Percy and a re-occurrence of Sarah Drew as Dr. April Kepner who was sacked in episode six and rehired in episode thirteen.


Don’t miss the Grey’s Anatomy season 6 finale and future episodes by adding the popular medical drama to your ‘My Picks’. But if you do miss tonight’s episode, have no fear, you can catch up with online episodes here. LocateTV also offer DVD price comparisons on box sets, to get you through the GA drought until season 7 airs later this year. Rumours are that this season will be the show’s last.


SPOILER ALERT: In tonight’s show, a shooter is on a rampage in the hospital and one of the characters reveals she is pregnant. Mandy Moore also guest stars.


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2 Responses to “Grey's Anatomy Season 6 finale”

  1. Just finished watching the finale episode. This is a SPOILER. Don't read this if you don't want to know what happens.

    OMG I am watching the season finale. It is probably one of the best that I have seen in Grey's Anatomy history. The hospital is in lock down. Mr. Clark is on a killing rampage. Clarke is looking for Derek, Lexis and Dr. Weber to kill them.

    Reed is shot and killed. Alex is shot and is loosing a lot of blood.

    I don't agree with why Clarke killed so many people. He goes into a patient's room (Mandy Moore) was a little unbelievable because he never went into anyone else's room. But he had to go in because Bailey was in there with Dr. Percy. Percy gets shot.

    Clarke finds Lexis and just about shoots her, but he is shot in the shoulder by a sniper. Lexis gets away.

    Lexis professes her love for Kraev in front of McSteamy. Teddy tells Owen to go find Wang.

    Dr. McDreamy is shot and it looks like it is close to the heart. There is no attending physicians so Wang has to operate on Derek. Mr. Clarke is now in the operating room with a gun on Wang while she is performing surgery on Derek. Clarke wants her to stop. I am wondering how Clarke found the operating room so quickly. Owen goes into the operating room to help Wang.

    Clarke has now shot Owen. Derek's heart has stopped, but the doctors just pulled the plug to show Clarke that Derek was dead. Clarke leaves the operating room. Wang sends Meredith across the hall to the other operating room to save Owen.

    Bailey tries to save Percy with the help of Mandy Moore. They try to get him to an operating room, but the elevators are shut down, Dr. Percy dies.

    Meredith is pregnant, but she doesn't tell Derek. While she working on Owen, she may have miscarried.

    Dr. Weber is now confronting Clarke. 9 minutes left in the show. Clarke has one bullet left. Does he kill Weber or does he kill himself. A shot is fired but you don't know if it is from Clarke or a sniper bullet.

    Derek goes into cardiac arrest. Torres and Robbins get back together. Dr. Weber is alive. Derek's heart starts. Karev is in critical condition.

    Owen loves Wang. McSteamy has lost Lexis.

  2. Dear Lord Hannah,
    It's YANG :-)