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Goodbye Big Brother - Last ever episode airs this week

by on September 8th 2010 at 2:42 pm

Who can believe that it's been 11 years since Big Brother UK first hit our TV screens? Okay, well I guess some BB haters can, but it is all coming to an end this Friday with the Ultimate Big Brother Finale.

There have been countless laughs, tears and surprises over the years, and regardless of whether you like it or not, it's hard to deny Big Brother's influence in popular culture. Heat magazine was saved by BB from the brink of the collapse in featuring Brian Dowling on its cover, an MP went doolally causing uproar in parliament and India burned effigies in response to racist allegations.

To commemorate of the reality show's retirement I have picked my top 10 moments in Big Brother history for you watch. Enjoy!


10.  Sandy's Escape

It's not that shocking now, but in season three Sandy leaving the BB house without Big Brother's permission was scandalous! Not only was Sandy the first person to escape from the house, he was the first to not exit via a door.

9.  BB's First Romace

The very first Big Brother romance came in season 2, where the nation watched Helen a bubbly welsh hairdresser fall for Paul even though she had a boyfriend! Naughty Girl.

8. Flood

This year we saw housemates temporarily evicted from their comfy surroundings by mother nature when heavy rain flooded the BB house.

7. Craig and Anthony

These two starred in season 6 of Big Brother and were hilarious to watch as gay Craig fell for straight guy and BB6 winner Anthony. It was great to watch Craig flirt and obsess over Anthony, but is this tiff that  I will always remember.

6. That's the way

Alex Sibley created comedy gold with this funny moment taken from season 3. I can't help but sing along.

5.  Jade-isms

Jade Goody created both hilarious and controversial moments during her time spent in the Big Brother house, but what I will never forget are these classic moments.

4. Nasty Nick

The first ever BB bad guy was Nick Bateman, who in season 1 tried to influence his housemates' votes in the weekly nomination process. Unfortunately for Nick he was  soon caught out and confronted by the house before being asked to leave by Big Brother!

3. Fight Night

Nasty Nick's antics seem harmless when you compare them to season 5's fight night. Security had to enter the house and live coverage of the show was cut when a fight broke out after Emma confronted Victor about all the horrible things she had heard him say about her. This was a low moment in Big Brother history, but very entertaining to watch.

2. Rodrigo Meets the Queen

Many celebrities have entered the BB house over the years but they cannot be compared to the visit from the Queen in season 10. Well housemate Rodrigo believed she was the real Queen anyway. Watch this hilarious moment when the nervous housemate met a Queen lookalike.

1. Who Is She?

I don't think I will ever forget this moment. Many people find Nikki Grahame to be childish and annoying, but you cannot deny that she is hilarious too. Take a look at my favourite Big Brother moment of all time when Nikki came to the diary room  to complain about season 7 housemate Susie.

So there are my top BB moments and I am sorry to see the end of the show. Do you agree my choices or have I missed any out?


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